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You might have a case of alage. It is easy to get rid of though. You can go and buy alage eating aquarium snails to eat the alage. Also, you can buy a (I believe they are called) magnetic scrub. It can clean alage off of your tank without getting your hands wet because it uses a magnet to manuver the rough pad while you are holding the other part of the pad. Choose an aquarium snail that's shell looks healthy(no cracks, or discoloring). Otocinclus fish, and coryadoras are helpful, too!

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What to do if your aquarium water is slightly cloudy?

I would suggest you to change the water ASAP. Cloudy water indicates low oxygen levels.

Can you put freshwater fish in a salt aquarium?

No!!! Freshwater fish and Salt water fish are totally different!!! You can't put a saltwater fish in a freshwater fish aquarium and you can't put a freshwater fish in a saltwater fish aquarium. They won't live very long!!! They need different water and a different water temperature.

What is the name of the greenish bronze colored deep water freshwater fish?


Why does your aquarium water get cloudy?

The water will become cloudy from pollutants Ex. fish waste, overfeeding or dead plant keep your water clear keep your filters clean!

How do you clean cloudy water in an aquarium?

Cloudy water usually takes care of itself. It is usually caused by a kind of algae that floats in the water. If the tank is in the sun, cover the window or move the tank. If you have lights on the aquarium, make the amount of time they are on each day shorter.

Cloudy and greenish looking water in vinyl swimming pool?

Shock treatment for the green part. If it is still cloudy you can add a clarifier sold at your local pool supply.

How do salt water and freshwater fishes maintain their salt balance?

I have freshwater fish and i use aquarium salt. I put more in every time i do a water change

How do you clear a cloudy aquarium?

A cloudy aquarium usually clears itself over time. Cloudy water is most often caused by unicellular organisms (AKA algae or bacteria) floating in your water. If the tank is sitting in the sun, either cover the window or move the tank. If you have lights on the tank, reduce the amount of time they are on. If your filter is running properly, that will also help. Cloudy water is often a symptom of a newer (< 2 months old) aquarium, and will generally clear itself. However, cloudy water is also a sign that something is not right, and may indicate a toxic ammonia problem.

What is causing bubbles on the surface of your aquarium tank water and afterwards the water gets cloudy?

its obvious.... your fish are pot heads and have turned the aquarium into a water bong..... puffer fish im guessing

Predict what would happen if a saltwater plant were placed in a freshwater aquarium?

If a saltwater plant were placed in freshwater aquarium then the plant cells would burst. This is because the salt water would make the plant cell allow more water to come in.

Can tropical fish survive in cloudy water?

Whether or not a tropical fish can survive in cloudy water depends on why the water is cloudy. If there has been a spike in ammonia or nitrates, it can be deadly to fish. Tropical species tend to be more sensitive to severe water changes than freshwater fish.

What would happen to a marine organism that is taken out of a salt water aquarium and placed in a freshwater aquarium?

Whatever the organism is it will die a dreadfully painfull death.

What will happen if frog eggs taken from a freshwater pond and placed in a salt water aquarium?

1.water will leave the eggs

How do you reduce nitrates in a freshwater aquarium?

Nitrates can be reduced in two main ways in a freshwater aquarium. The first is the most simple; remove and replace aquarium water with fresh water. This dilutes and removes the nitrate. The second method is to use live plants to absorb the nitrates, but this is more difficult as you must then also care for aquatic plants.

Why marine fish die when placed in fresh water aquarium?

They're designed for salt water, not fresh water! Just the way they are made. You can get aquarium salt from your local pet store, but don't put any in there if you have other freshwater fish that don't need it. Or get a tropical freshwater fish like mollies instead!

Can new live sand be added to exsiting live sand in saltwater aquarium?

Yes, but be prepared for some cloudy water.

Sick aquarium fish do?

Depending on the type of fish, Freshwater or salt water. It also depends on the disease. I know that freshwater fish can have fungus on them. But I'm not sure about salt water. Cheers! -Sarah Depending on the type of fish, Freshwater or salt water. It also depends on the disease. I know that freshwater fish can have fungus on them. But I'm not sure about salt water. Cheers! -Sarah

What should pH be in freshwater aquarium?

Between 6.8 and 7.8 for a beginner soft freshwater aquarium. Between 7.5 - 8.5 for brackish type fish. See what your fish are generally accustomed to naturally and try to be within .8 +/- pH. pH is not as important as stable water conditions for most beginner to intermediate freshwater aquatic life.

Is salt in your aquarium better for your fish?

depends on the FISH. if they saltwater fish, then you put salt water in the aquarium, same thing for the freshwater fish. if you dont know what kind of fish it is, look it up.

What is a freshwater fishtank?

In most cases it is a tank/aquarium that has been constructed out of materials that could/would deteriorate if it was to contain salt water

How can you fix a cloudy freshwater fish tank?

Leave the water undisturbed for sometime. The impurities settle down to the bottom by a process called sedimentation.

While cleaning a saltwater aquarium students placed a family of fiddler crabs from the saltwater aquarium into a container of distilled water what effect will this have on the crabs?

They will die if left in freshwater, their cells will burst. Water follows solute

What kinds of fish is a freshwater fish?

well freshwater fish are molly or guppie's they are the best water fish yet freshwater fish dont necessarily live in an aquarium like the above answers freshwater would be live rivers and streams and lakes in those you can find trout, bass, stripped bass, black bass and im sure hundreds of other ones besides aquarium fish kawidirtrider

What is the difference besides a saltwater aquarium and a fresh water aquarium?

The difference is the salt concentration in the water. Fresh water aquariums mimic the environment of lakes, ponds, or rivers. However, salt water aquariums have water that is salty like oceans. Fish are either freshwater or saltwater. Do not put them in the wrong water, or they will die.

Can you have a flying fish in aquarium?

Marine flying fish are too large for home aquariums. In freshwater aquariums you can keep hatchetfish and African butterfly fish. These fish can jump out of the water and require a lid for their aquarium.