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excessive water usage (as in it's always low) is usually caused by a crack somewhere in the coolant galleries. you can take it to a shop and get a pressure check on the cooling system.

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Is there something you can do to stop excessive bloating and burping without using drugs?

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Can excessive white smoke be caused by fuel tank water condensation eg by not using vehicle for 12 months?

NO. Excessive white smoke usually indicates a blown head gasket.

One danger of excessive nitrogen levels in water?


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If it is not excessive - try a can of Drygas. If it is excessive syphon fuel from tank add Dry gas and refill with new fuel dry gas Try using dry gas what makes you think you have water in your fuel? I've never seen water stopping the vehicle from running no need to siphon fuel out is probably some other problem unless someone put a water hose in your gas tank for a big joke you cannot get enough water to stop the car keep your gas tank half-full all the time if possible.

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Excessive oil use, excessive water use, major oil leak, excessive smoking, ask a certified mechanic

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How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?

How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?" How do you replace a water pump on 2001 Grand prix?"

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