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Check your furnace fan. The air conditioner unit can be running but the air circulation is usually done with the fan on the furnace. If you have a fan switch on the thermostat, check to see if it is in the auto position. If it has the settings on/auto/off, you can switch it to the on position and see if you get any air movement then. If not, you could have a broken belt.

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Q: Why is my house air conditioner running but no air is coming out of vents?
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Does dust come from air conditioners?

If dust is coming from your air conditioner, you did not put in a filter. You will ruin your air conditioner running it without a filter. Also, the vents will get dusty. You need to clean them.

How cold should a car air conditioner blow?

Coming out of the vents around 43 degrees

Why does the fan outside on my unit stop running but air still comes out the vents in the house?

I asked that question when I got a new air conditioner and was told that it is a circulating fan. This is what it is supposed to do.

Burnt rubber smell and smoke coming from air vents?

sounds like your air conditioner compressor is bad.

Is it better to leave your vents partially open instead of wide open when running your air conditioner?

While running your air conditioner, the vents should be closed so that warm air from out side do not enter into the room,which may cause damage to the machine in the long run and it will fetch more time to cool the room.

Floor vents in a hot climate?

No, floor vents will not help in cooling your house since they are only used when your air conditioner is on. Fans are the cheapest way to cool a home down.

White smoke coming out of your vents when air conditioner is on in a 1998 dodge durango?

this kind of thing happens in my durango when i have the ac on and its humid inside the car.

Your central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents?

If central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents, check the filter. If it is dirty, change it. Change the thermostat into cool, this will defrost the air conditioner.

Why does my 2000 ford expedition have a moldy smell coming from the vents?

Air conditioner drain line stopped up or windshield seal leak that covers 99% of the reasons

For a 1998 Honda civic HX if there is no air coming out of the vents but the air conditioner fan works what is wrong?

Your air conditioning cool air is routed to the various vents by routing doors. A malfunctioning routing door can be stuck and remain closed.

Why is steam coming from my auto air conditioner?

Steam may be coming out the air conditioning unit if the engine is overheating. The best thing to do would be to shut the vents before any hazardous fumes begin to come out.

Why does my house smell either like eletrical fire or nail polish remover coming out of the AC vents?

Your house may smell like electrical fire or nail polish remover is coming out of the AC vents because you have fried wiring. You should make sure that you do not have a wall fire.

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