Why is my period Dark brown and very very light?

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What does it mean if you have very light brown spotting at 5 weeks?

Answer . \nit's perfectly normal to be spotting at 5 weeks. it's just because you will not be menstrating through out the pregnancy (or as many periods). if the spotting occurs longer than 2 weeks, consult a doctor.. Answer . \nim five weeks preg and went to the doctors a couple days ago.... ( Full Answer )

If you only had your period for one day and it was very light and the next day you were spotting but it was a brown color and the only symptom that you have is headaches is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer . I had the similar symptoms in the beginning. I have gone through 3 yrs of fighting with doctors and I have come to self diagnose myself with endrometreous. Not saying that is what you have but look in that direction. You can simply search the net for the symptoms and see if they apply ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have very light periods?

If it'snormal foryou it's normal. I never had very heavy periods. Answer YES this is very normal. Your period can be very heavy on month and light the next also this depends on riether or not you are using any birth control and re sexually active also age is another factor teenage girls have peri ( Full Answer )

You stopped the pill about 2 months ago and since then your first period was very light and colored dark brown then took a test but was negative then another period was also light and lasted 4 days?


Could you be pregnant if your period comes 4 days earlier than what it normally does every month and you only had a VERY light period one day and the next day it was very light brown and now its gone?

Answer . Omg, I have the same exact problem too. I had unprotected sex about 4 times this month, and I got my period for the first time, it was soooooo light, I barely needed a tampon the next day. It came also three days early. I don't know what to tell you, I wish I can help, but I have the sam ( Full Answer )

Why is your period suddenly dark brown and light?

If your period is suddenly dark brown and light, it should not beof any major concern. It is normal for a period to be light or darkbrown in color at the beginning or end of a period. Some forms ofbirth control can also alter the color and flow of your period.

Period started three days early-31 day cycle like clockwork-no heavy bleeding very light - red for the first three days then dark brown for three days-had extreme fatigue headaches for week-pregnant?

Note: I took a pregnancy test the day I was supposed to start my period after the bleeding stopped temporarily (day 3 of the bleeding) and it was negative. The bleeding had started 7 days after I had unprotected sex. I always have a very heavy flow, but the bleeding wasn't even nearly enough to fill ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to have very dark brown diarrhea in dogs?

I just took my dog home from the vet yesterday because he ate my Garmin charger and had been having diarrhea. One of the questions the vet asked is the diarrhea very dark, because that could be blood in his stool

If you are not pregnant and finally get period but it is very light is that dangerous?

no, it is not dangerous. You just got your first period so your body needs to adjust to the new change. The heaviness will change and the time in between won't be exactly 28 days (28 days is just an average, it varies from woman to woman). Don't be scared, but it is probably a good idea that the ( Full Answer )

Very light period?

hi, im on the pill but miss 2 of them in the first week. iv got my period tonight but it very light n look like its going to stop!! what does this mean??

Periods came on time but very light. can i be pregnant?

Possibly. But periods are weird...some months they're just different. To be sure, you can go buy a home pregnancy test. If you get one that says you can take it on the first day of your missed period, it will be sensitive enough to tell if you are pregnant this early.

What if your hair is very dark brown how light can it be colored?

as light as you want it.. if your looking at bright jessica Simpson blonde, then you need born blonde/blonde bleach... it depends on what color you are going for.. and make sure you leave it on LONGER then it says, to get a brighter lighter color

35 days in between period very heavy periods usually lasting 5 days with tender breasts and bloating. On day 34 I started spotting very light pink and then brown been 7 days of this neg HPT. Worried.?

To elaborate, I didn't have tender breasts like normal before the spotting. It is completely possible I would be pregnant, but I took a HPT on day 3 of spotting and it was negative. Could this be false? Also, should I be worried about spotting this long? I haven't even worn anything for my period, i ( Full Answer )

4 days after my period my boyfriend put the very top of his penis into my vagina for a very quick second im worried about the pre cum and now I have a dark brown discharge 5 days later. Pregnant?

First of all, the 'dark brown discharge' is the very start of your period. Happens to all women eventually. NOT always but eventually. And if you have your period, there is no way you are pregnant. But don't get me wrong, you CAN be spotting? My suggestion, get a pregnancy test, actually, get a few, ( Full Answer )

You are 11 weeks pregnant and spotting a dark brown color and have very light cramping in your lower abdomen are you OK?

No contributor to this site can diagnose illnesses, diseases, pregnancy or suggest medical procedures over the internet, nor is it the purpose of this site for them to do so. The best that can be offered is general advice which can never be personal to anyone asking a question as we are not aware of ( Full Answer )

How do you make a very light brown?

Start with the lightest brown you have, and just add a little white. Then do a 'test spot', waiting for your product to dry. If it's not light enough yet, add a bit more white, and repeat the test. Repeat process until satisfied.

Can you be pregnant if you were due for your period and spotted very light brown on that day only?

I will never forget the day I was walking around Walmart with the worst cramps ever to grab a box of tampons that I thought I so desperately needed. Every time I thought I was about to start. A couple spots and then nothing. BTW. When its brown, that means that its.old blood and your not going to be ( Full Answer )