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Look at the starter or the spark plug

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โˆ™ 2008-09-27 22:33:46
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Q: Why is my scotor getting no spark?
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What size battery for a Peugeot Speedfight Moped?

a standard size scotor batter will work u can get one from almost anny scotor or scotor shop

Im not getting fire to your spark plugs?

im not getting fire to the spark plugs but the distributor is getting fire what do i do please help

98 astro van getting spark but won't turnover?

How do you know it is getting spark if it won't turn over?

1988 kx 250 not getting good spark?

1988 kx 250 not getting good spark now what can i do

Why aren't the spark plugs getting spark?

what kind of car?

Why are you not getting spark on your sons mini bike?

Need spark plugs

My Honda crv cranks but wont turn over. the spark plugs are not getting spark?

If your Honda CRV cranks but won't turn over because the spark plugs are not getting spark, ensure the wires are connected. A loose spark plug wire can cause this issue.

No fire from disrubutor of car?

If you're not getting spark from the distributor, see if you're getting spark from the ignition coil. If there's no spark there, then the coil is either bad, or it's not wired up correctly.

Car is cranking did not start and you smell gas What's wrong?

Simple your not getting spark from the spark plugs. i recomend getting someone that knows how to check for spark because there is a lot of items you have to check.

Why will my Daewoo not start it is getting fuel spark?

If getting fuel and spark, then need compression and air.

Spark plug gap for 1988 kx 250?

my kx 250 is not getting spark

Can you make mfb bey- blades spark and if you could how?

BY GETTING BURN fireblaze AND spark

Speedfight wont start?

there are 2 main reasons 1 the engine is not getting enought petrol 2 spark engine is not getting spark this is probley the cause the main thing that goes wrog with the spark is the ht coil replace this and the spark plug and your engine should start

You replaced the coil and distributor and cap why are you not getting any spark?

electronic spark modulator bad.

Why getting no spark from 1992 Chevy Corsica 3.1 liter?

If getting no spark, it could be your spark plug wire is bad or your coil pack. say 3 and 6 getting no sparks, that means your coil pack is bad and you need to replace. if you getting no sparks after replacing new coil pack, it could be your ignition module.

What would cause your 1987 Dakota with a 39 liter engine not to start after replacing the spark control module the coil and pick-up?

Need to know if your getting spark at the plugs. Next if you are I would look at either timing, or fuel delivery problem, IE fuel pump, filter, ect. If not getting spark take coil wire off and see if you are getting spark there.

What could be wrong with a 94 Honda civic dx if spark plugs are not getting any current?

Check if you're getting fuel. If you're not getting fuel, it's the main relay. If you're not getting spark, it could be the distributer. Also, check your fuses.

95 ford Windstar will not start?

Does it turn over? Getting fuel? Getting spark?

Why is Fuel getting to motor but not starting in 93 skylark?

If you are getting fuel and it will not start you have no spark.

Why isn't your mini chopper getting spark?

Bad spark plugs can cause a mini chopper to not get a spark. Another common cause is a bad ignition switch.

How do you know if im getting spark?

The easiest way to find out is to remove the wire from the spark plug and hold it about 1/4 inch from ground (the engine block is good) while someone cranks the engine in short bursts. If you are getting spark you should see a blue spark jump fromt the wire to the engine block. You might want to check all spark plug wires while you're at it. If you want to check the spark plug while you're at it, remove the spark plug and attach it to the end of the wire before checking for spark. If you get spark through wire but not through the spark plug, the spark plug is bad.

Spark not getting from coil to distributor What is wrong?

If the coil is producing a spark then the HT lead between them is breaking down.

What are the causes of a cars spark plugs not getting spark?

there are several reasons this could happen.distribator cap and wires spark plugs may need to be replaced.there could be oil getting thru and on some of them. if your car doesn't have an electronic ignition the cylinoid could be bad.

What would cause a 1994 Lincoln Continental to turn but not start Not the battery?

It isprobably not getting fuel or not getting spark.

Why does your 1998 cavalier not start even though it has spark?

an internal cumbustable engine basically needs 3 things to run... Air, fuel, and spark... if you have spark, then you're not getting either air or fuel... check to make sure you're getting those things.