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Why is national dance week so important?


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N.D.W is so important because it lets people express their feeling for dance infornt of people.

it sometimes will start a persons dancing carer.

it is a tradition, and traditions are great

hope that helps.

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Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

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Is important so you dance correctly without the possibility of injuring yourself.

* helps people to get there feelings out and enjoy what they are there for * Dance is important because it helps people become physically fit.

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The dance allowed the dancers to show determination and bravery

There are 50 countries in Europe and few more nationalities, so there are over 50 national dances.

Dancing is so important to me , because it gives me a way to express myself without hurting someone or getting in trouble. It helps me to be more open minded and caring. Dance is also important to me , because it helps me to stay fit and it helps me be myself. Dance is my life.

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Folk Dance is a traditional or native dance form so arrange to express people's distinct cultural thoughts, emotions, and ways of life. In many countries of the world, dance is the window to one's cultural heritage. Each country's national dance expresses the people's mood and sentiments, even a national character indeed.

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