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I don't blame you for being angry, and I've been where you are myself, but these people simply aren't worth it and if you do tell them off, they won't get the message anyway. Walk away and don't look back. You're a better person than they are, so use up your good energy on those that listen. The other option is, you still like this person and allowed them to get away with bad habits and said nothing. Perhaps if you calmly tell the person by email how you feel they may take a second look at themselves. You are the one that has to decide if this person is worth it. Good luck Marcy I know exactly how you feel i wrote someone a long email telling them how I feel and it did nothing once they have it made up in there mind they are done its nothing you can pretty much say or can force anything trust me I knowno contact is better because it gives the person time to think withouut you sending emails..letters or whatever

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Q: Why is no contact the best thing to do when you want to just email them to tell them how you feel about how they treated you because you always listened to what they had to say before you ended it?
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