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nuclear energy is safe for the environment because it is good to smell. You don't die from the smell of it if it is released.

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What has nuclear energy done for the environment?

Nuclear energy has destroyed our environment. Its causing pollution.

What effect does nuclear energy have on the environment?

Go and ask your science teacher ;)The nuclear energy does nothing bad on the environment if it is reserved. However, if it is developed to a nuclear weapon, it has a disastrous effect not only on environment, but also on the human beings.

Does Nuclear Energy make sense for the environment?

A well built and run nuclear plant has virtually no effect on the environment

What characteristics of nuclear energy make it desirable?

The characteristics of nuclear energy make it desirable is the fact that the do not pollute the environment. As such nuclear energy does not increase global warming.

How does nuclear energy impact the environment?

Not much pollution unless there is a nuclear reaction.

What are some solutions or alternative energy sources that are safe for your environment?

Some alternative energy sources that are safe for the environment are solar and wind energy. Both of these sources do not emit anything bad into the environment.

Is nuclear energy good for the environment?

No, nuclear energy is not good for the environment because after they get the energy there is nuclear waste which is radioactive and is NOT good for the environment.It can be if well controlled, as no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases are produced. However if things go wrong as in Japan now (March 2011) then it is definitely not good for the environment or the people who live in it.

What are the long term effects for using wind energy?

* I'm not sure there are any besides * Safe for the environment * Conserves land and forestation * No nuclear waste

How do you you feel nuclear energy should or shouldn't be used?

I believe nuclear energy is a very good energy source. Since we are running out of fossil fuels and our environment needs improvement, nuclear energy can meet these needs. Nuclear energy does not pollute, but it produces radioactive waste. This waste is taken care of in a safe way, not being exposed to people. If a person were to use nuclear energy for his or her whole life, the waste would be only one pound and would fit in a soda can; whereas with coal it would fill a line of coal cars from New York to California. And there was never an accident in nuclear energy that couldn't be prevented. Everything is extra safe.

How does nuclear energy pose a threat to thr environment and public health?

The byproducts from nuclear energy plants pose a threat to the environment and public health if they are not disposed of properly. There is always a small chance of a complete meltdown of a nuclear plant, which would contaminate the environment for miles around the site.

What affects does nuclear energy have on natural resources?

The affects that nuclear energy has on the environment are, they use of nuclear energy takes up the uranium resources but uses fossil resources like coal, and natural gas.

Explain why countries such as France and Japan rely on heavily on nuclear power?

They are keen to have:Clean energyCheap energyDiversified energy sourcesSafe energyMastering nuclear technology

What is a sentence using nuclear energy?

I'm pretty sure that nuclear energy is not as safe to use as solar energy is. I wonder if the Japanese people are anxious to escape their reliance on nuclear energy, now that they have experienced a serious meltdown event.

Is nuclear energy a solution to a energy crisis?

It can be if plants are designed inherently safe and operated responsibly.

Is nuclear energy good for humans and the environment?

Nuclear energy provides electricity which is good for humans, and for the environment it does not produce greenhouse gases, so that is good. However it has dangers too, so must be well controlled

How is nuclear energy less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels?

Nuclear energy avoids the addition of greenhouse gasses to the environment, while burning fossil fuels increases greenhouse gas load on the atmosphere.

What are the pros and cons of using Nuclear energy?

The kWh produced by nuclear energy is the cheapest. It is a clean energy that does not pollute the environment. It gives chance for people to work during its construction and operation. It is reliable source of energy.

How safe are the nuclear reactors?

nuclear reactors are not very safe at all. the nuclear energy buisness basically went to crap after the three mile island accident, because people decided the risks outweigh the benefits

Why do most of the experts continue to advocate nuclear plants as the best available energy resources?

# They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily # They are safe&easily

Is nuclear energy a reasonable and reliable to produce energy?

I think it is pretty reliable these days, and safe, but many people do not agree that it is safe, and it is certainly expensive to build.

What is a sentence with nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy, within the constraints of current technology, is the only viable and ecologically safe source of non-fossil power on the large scale.

How does nuclear energy harm the environment?

There are three primary ways in which nuclear energy can harm the environment. The first is through accidents, such as the accident that happened to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where large amounts of radioactive material are released into the ecosystem, damaging plant and animal growth. Nuclear energy requires uranium, which is mined from the earth. If improper mining techniques are observed, uranium mining can destroy plant and animal habitats. Nuclear energy produces spent nuclear fuel which remains highly radioactive for a long period of time. Radioactivity can kill plants and animals and poison the environment.

What is advantage of alternate energy resources?

One advantage is that it is safe for the environment.

Is nuclear power the answer to your energy needs?

Nuclear Power is NOT NECESSARY. So many people die when there's a nuclear explosion. It is also really bad for the environment.

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