Why is number 13 bad luck?

Some people think that odd numbers are bad luck, but as far as I know, the number 13 is not generally thought of as unlucky. The only exception I know of is the superstition that revolves around Friday, the 13th. Several hundred years ago, there was a secret society of rich and powerful knights who were beloved and feared by all. They were called "The Knights Templar." It was on Friday, October 13th, 1307 that the Knights Templar were arrested and executed on mass on several criminal counts by the church. That day is still feared because of the dreadful events that took place so long ago. The deaths of the Knights Templar had a profound effect on European life and the course of western history.

Numbers are interesting things to which many superstitions are attached. To read more about the number 13, visit this web page:(see link)