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Q: Why is one of your Blazer 93 S10 wheels in front 1-2 behind the other?
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What other wheels will fit a 4x4 s10?

Corvette and Camaro wheels will fit a Blazer, direct bolt on. Some might need spacers in front or/and rear.

What are the outward signs of a bent frame?

Look at the back of the car from behind, about 20 feet or more behind it. You will notice that the front wheels and rear wheels are not exactly lined up with each other. In other words, the back wheels might be slightly off to one side or the other.

Where is the front driveshaft on a 1995 ford explorer?

It connects to the transfer case just behind the transmission, and at the other end connects to the front differential, in between the front wheels. The front driveshaft is on the driver's side of the truck, about 1 1/2 feet from the center of the truck.

Why do dirt bikes only have two wheels?

Because the term bike is a vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other.

Where can you get copy heelys?

Wal Mart sells shoes called Spinnerz, they have two wheels one in front of the other and the wheels are not removeable.

Do the 2000 blazer xtreme frontend fit on 1996 blazer?

It can be done, but you would need the core support from the Xtreme, as well as the grille, bumper, and other front end components.

If the steering wheel causes the front wheels to make noise?

the steering wheel wont make the front wheels make noise as there is no generating source from the steering wheel. it will be the other way around.

When towing a vehicle behind a camper does the mileage add up on that vehicle?

If it is FWD and you tow it with the front wheels off the ground then the odometer will not add mileage. If it is RWD and is a manual transmission, same thing applies. If on the other hand it is an automatic RWD then you must disconnect the drive shaft to tow with the wheels down which will not add mileage. A FWD should never be towed with the front wheels down. Doing so on either vehicle with an A/T will damage the transmission.

What year did Chevy put the fuel tanks behing the drivers seat?

I believe the 1954 models had the gas tank behind the seat and the 1966 models had them there also. The 1972 models were in front of the rear wheels (I think). Not sure about other years.

What is a trycycle?

Bicycle with three wheels Usually two wheels at back and one at front There are some the other way round

I am having a problem with the front wheels of my zero turn lawn mower one of the wheels is a little higher then the other maybe an inch higher then the other how can you adjust then to make them even?

move the washers on that wheel if they have them

Where is the horn located on a '93 Pontiac Grand Am SE 33L V6?

On the bottom front passanger side, near side of radiotor - I have a 94, but it's probably the same. There are two horns, one on the left, the other on the right. You have to remove the mud guards that are right in front of the wheels and right behind the bumper. They are a pain to get to and work with.

Why do motor graders have leaning front wheels?

Because there is not any pressure given in the front side so to reduce the more friction front tyres are made thinner as comparison to other.

If you have one umpire behind home plate where does the other umpire stand?

usually behind or right in front of second base but almost always behind

Why are the wheels of vehicle provided with mudgards?

To help protect the vehicle and other vehicles behind you from flying mud and small stones.

If front wheels are not balanced can that make steering wheel shake?

YES along with bad tire, bad tie rod or other suspension parts on front end

Where do the car chains go on the car?

Car chains are designed to aid the motion of the car during ice and snow. Therefore, they should be attached to the drive wheels of the vehicle. In other words, front wheel drive cars need the chains attached to the front wheels.

When you put it in four wheel drive the green light comes on but the front wheels dont engage?

Unless there is a red light, the front wheels are likely engaged but do not achieve traction unless there is slippage occurring. In other worrds all is likely fine and when you need it -it's there!

Where are the wheels kept when the planes are flying?

In most large transports the wheel wells are in the central fuselage where the cargo bays are. In some other aircraft wheels fold outwards and are hidden in pods behind the inner engines.

What might be the problem is one front drive tire spins and the other one does not?

There is no problem. This is exactly how the FWD system works. Both front wheels do not pull at the same time.

How do you you do a split?

put one leg in front and the other leg behind and slide down

Why do the geese honk from behind when they are flying in v formation?

To encourage the other geese in front of them

What is the purpose of the track rod end?

Aside from ensuring the wheels on the steer axle turn concurrent to each other, the tie rods also keep the wheels aligned at the appropriate toe measurement, which improves handling and prevents premature tire wear.

2002 Chevy Blazer Where is the O2 sensor for bank 2 sensor 1?

pass.side at exe manifold Bank 1 is where cylender 1 is. Bank 2 is on the other side of which is on the passenger side of the blazer. Oxygen sensor 1 is the first sensor closer to the front of the blazer. Sensor 2 would be past the catalytic converter on the same side.

What is a rear stabilizer?

its a bar that gose over the suspention and keeps the rear wheels ballenced with each other and the fornt wheels too. i broke my front stabilizer bar jumping and i cost my like 145 to replace it.