Why is opium bad?

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Q: Why is opium bad?
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Is opium a gateway drug?

no it is not because opium is bad for you and plus its a drug do you think that's good? NO.

how to use the opium?

Drugs are bad for you

Is Opium bad? is very good! you should try it!!

The British attacked China in Opium War because?

the one with the china i forgot to wright it my bad

How is opium bad?

The use of opium (ingestion, inhalation of opium smoke, etc) makes you lethargic, the alkaloids in opium have harmful effects including: lung edema, respiratory difficulties, coma, or cardiac or respiratory collapse, with a normal lethal dose of the amount found in approximately two grams of opium. Opium is addictive and tolerance is acquired so that greater and greater doses are needed to achieve an effect. It is an illegal substance and getting opium entails many risks that should be avoided.

The british attacked china in the opium war because?

the one with the china i forgot to wright it my bad

Does Oxycontin contain opium?

Oxycontin contains oxycodone which is a synthetic drug similar to morphine, which comes from opium. (Opium is about 15% opium.)

Is Tincture of Opium available in pill form?

By definition, tincture of opium is opium dissolved in laudanum, an alcohol. Dissolution = liquid=tincture of opium

When did opium war happen?

There were 2 Opium Wars, the First Opium War was from 1839-1842 the Second Opium War was from 1856-1860

Crude opium is obtained from which part of the opium poppy?

Crude opium is made of the opium poppy's latex. This latex is obtained by cutting the unripe pod of the plant.

Where did the British get their opium before and during the opium wars?

they got it from India then manufactured the opium

What is the origin of opium?

opium poppies

Is there opium in codeine?

No, codeine is in opium.

Is there opium in methadone?

No there is no opium in Methadone

Why is opium no longer used as an ingredient in perfume?

Opium is no longer used as an ingredient in perfume because of its additive quality. Though YSL produces a perfume named Opium, there is no ingredient of opium used in the manufacture of the perfume Opium!

Why does your blood have no opium if you are taking opium?

opium is a latex mixture of alkaloids such as morphine, codeine and thebaine just to name a few. opium is therefore a mixture and when you take opium these drugs are metabolised into compounds such morphine. This means that if they gave you a blood test they would find morphine and other things on the same lines of that but not opium as opium is a mixture of drugs not an actual individual drug

Where did opium start?

Opium originated in the Mesopotamia region. The earliest writings that mention opium date back to 3400 B.C. The Sumerians called opium the joy plant.

How do you spell opium?

Opium, you spelled it correctly.

What were the Opium Wars about?

The tea and Opium trade

What did Britain win in the opium war?


What drug comes from poppy seeds?


What caused the opium war?

The opium war was started by the British people selling opium to the Chinese people for their goods. The emperor of china was angry because of all of the people always on opium so he made it illegal to sell or buy opium. When Britain kept selling the opium illegally, it started the war.

Which part of the poppy plant is opium obtained?

Opium is obtained from the unripe seed pod of the opium poppy. When the pod is cut, latex oozes out. This latex is then dried to produce opium.

Where can you get opium?

Well assuming you live in a country where opium does not grow,you would obtain opium from a drug dealer who sells opium,if you live in the united states opium use is not as common as in Asia and the middle east,but it can,like any drug be purchased if you know the right people and have the money to buy the opium.

How do you use opium in a sentence?

opium is a drug that you smoke so you could say, "My father used to smoke opium".