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Why is pain an important sensation?

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It is important to feel pain in order to protect the body from harm. The main pain receptors in the body are the free nerve endings, also called nociceptors. There is a rare condition where people are born without pain receptors, and they can break bones and not even know it. They could seriously injure themselves and even die because they cannot feel any pain whatsoever.

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Pain is an important sensation because it?

It can Alert the body if there is any danger.

What is the medical term for diminished sensation to pain?

Hypoalgesia is the medical term meaning diminished sensation to pain.

Burning feeling chest thanupper back for 1 month. Help?

I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul I have upper left back pain with a burnnig sensation it is causing me pain what could it be? paul

How does pain balm work?

Did not Find the answer yet will answer soon...... Pain balms actually cause a pain sensation that overshadows the actual pain sensation and is perceived by our brain as a pleasurable pain. The massaging of the balms into the skin improves the circulation which is added to the effect.

What kind of pain is similar to getting your tongue pierced?

If done by a professional body piercer, the sensation should be like a sensation of pressure but no actual pain.

Why does a wound tingle?

Tingling or itching uses the same neural pathways as pain. So a tingling sensation is basically a low-firing pain sensation.

Which neurotransmitter is responsible for sensation of pain?

Substance P.

Do video games reduce the sensation of pain?


What serves as the center for sensation for pain?

spinal cord

What is the pathway for crude pain?

The lateral spinothalamic tract (it carries sensation for temperature and pain) whereas the anterior spinothalamic tract carries sensation for light touch and pressure.

Is chronic neck pain a symptom of a serious condition?

neck PAIN is a symptom, like back pain. among other symptoms: pins and needles, burning sensation, cold sensation, etc. every symptom has a cause, so does neck pain

How do nerves communicate pain?

The sensation of pain is formed in the brain, the nerves merely carry a signal from the transducer (what converts a physical sensation to nerve encodings) to the central nervous system.

What has the author Anna Jane McKeag written?

Anna Jane McKeag has written: 'The sensation of pain and the theory of the specific sense energies' -- subject(s): Pain, Senses and sensation

What is pain?

"Pain" is a sensation felt by bodily or emotional suffering, or an unpleasant situation which leads to such suffering.

What gender can take more pain?

The sensation of pain is different in every individual no matter the gender.

How do opiates reduce the sensation of pain?

Opiates block the pain signals to the brain - therefore the the brain has reduced sensitivity to the pain.

What type of sensation is hard for person to tell exactly where it's coming from?

Pain. Freezing burning.chronic pain.referred pain

Pain in left side of abdomen with pulling sensation with walking?


Is burning sensation and pain in belly a pregnancy symptom?

it depends where it is.

Why is pain important sensation?

It is important because it lets your body know if you are doing something dangerous. For example if you put your hand in a fire your nerves send the pain to your brain which sets off a reflex to remove your hand from the fire before you do any damage to your body.

What anesthetics block the sensation of pain by numbing the skin layers?


Which anesthetic blocks the sensation of pain by numbing the skin layers?


How do aspirin and ibuprofen lessen the sensation of pain?

It's because they numb pain receptors. Aspirin numbs the pain receptors in the brain, ibuprofen numbs the nerve that first senses the pain

What is the difference in suffering and pain?

What is the difference between pain and suffering Pain is the physical aspect. The actual feeling. The sensation. Suffering is the effect the pain has on your life . Is there a lingering pain that limits your activities. It is also the mental component associated with pain.

Hello, there is no p?

Hello, there is no pain at all when they perform the part you are awake for, they will use a local anesthetic to block any sensation of pain

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