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Q: Why is peacock bass sell in the market?
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Is peacock bass the common name for the peacock bass?

peacock bass are widely known mostly as peacock bass, but are also known as butterfly peacocks, peacock cichlids, and butterfly peacock cichlids.

Can largemouth bass hybridise with peacock bass?

no, peacock bass are related to cichlids, largemouth are sunfish

Where do they sell pet bass?

Its illegal to sell native Bass like Largemouth. But some pet shops sell Peacock Bass. or you can order a Peacock Bass online. But if you want a Largemouth or other native Bass try catching a baby one with a cast net near aquatic plants or other hiding spots. Just ask permission because depending on where you are it may not be legal.

What type of fish is the peacock bass?

Peacock bass are not true bass, but rather are the largest members of the Cichlid family.

How do you tell if peacock bass are male or female?

is peacock a male or a female

How big do peacock bass grow to?

There are more than 15 species of peacock bass. The largest can grow to nearly thirty pounds. Peacock basses are not true bass, but are cichlids, like oscars and tilapia.

Is there anything around your house you can feed your peacock bass?

Gold fish if u got em. peacock bass are carnivorous

How can you tell from a female peacock bass from a male peacock bass?

male peacocks have giant feather plumes, female dont

What eats a peacock bass?

peacock bass are top predators but when thy are young hey are preyed on by,larger pecock bass,larger fish.and birds of prey

Can you put peacock bass in a pond in Indiana?


How much is a 1956 fender bass worth?

It really depends on the condition of the bass and which market you sell it in. I'd estimate over $10,000.

Is peacock bass fishing legal?

Peacock bass fishing is illegal in the area of Florida. They are native to the Amazon River in South America which is where you can catch them at, in Brazil.

How do you tell the sex of a peacock bass?

the hump on its head.

What is the peacock bass habitat?

south America, Brazil

What is a peacock bass?

"A peacock bass is the name of several kinds of fish. They are found in the Amazon River in South America. The Amazon is freshwater, making them tropical freshwater fish, they are actually cichlids not bass."

How long do peacock bass live?

Ten to fifteen years.

What is a peacock bass fish life span?

10+ years

Where do peacock bass live?

The only two places where peacock bass thrive are: Their native waters in the Amazon region of South America, where you will find the larger Speckled peacock bass and the butterfly peacock bass. In South Florida, where both the speckled and butterfly peacock bass were released as a means to control other exotic/invasive species. This experiment, managed by the authority of the Florida Fish and Wildlife commission, proved to be successful with the Butterfly peacock bass, which quickly adapted to the tropical environment of South Florida. The speckled peacock did not fare so well and eventually died out. Butterfly peacock bass are an excellent angling fish, hitting lures and shiners explosively and making line busting runs, which call for an exciting fishing experience. South Florida outfitters offer 1/2, full day and whole weekend fishing charters at a much more reasonable cost than going to South America to catch these awesome fish.

What does a peacock bass eat?

Mainly fish, but will take any prey it can swallow.

Is peacock bass safe for human consumption?

"Peacock bass is found the the Amazon river, usually in Brazil. They are formerly considered sport fish and not considered safe for human consumption, but are now deemed safe after further testing."

What is the fiercest fish?

It is hard to say, but some contenders are:, Barracuda, beta fish, piranha, peacock bass, smallmouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike.

What is the national animal of Singapore?

The Merlion, Crimson Sunbird and Peacock bass are the national animals of Singapore.

What is the appearance of a Peacock Bass?

A Peacock bass can be 55cm to 100cm long depending on species and most have 3 large vertical stripes on their bodies and a distinguishing spot on their tail fins, which is where they get the name "Peacock" from. The full grown males also have a noticeable bump on their forehead. There are other species specific traits but none that are true to all such as the previous.

What is the best selling bass boat?

According to Tracker Marine, the Bass Tracker is the best selling bass boat on the market.

Why does a peacock bass have a spot on its tail?

to fool both predator and prey the fish is actually turned around