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Why is phosphorous important?

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it catches fire easily.

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What is the function of calcium and phosphorous?

Calcium is very important for you're bones....phosphorous is for intelligence and memory.

What is most important to forming ATP?


Why are water cycle carbon cycle nitrogen cycle and phosphorous cycle important?

All three are important life-giving cycles. Every living organism needs water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous to survive.and al play a very important role as well.

What is a sentence for phosphorous?

Phosphorous is an element. Here are some sentences.We studied phosphorous in science class today.Phosphorous ignites if you put it into water.Phosphorous is an interesting element.

What is the period of phosphorous?

Phosphorous is in period three

How do plants get phosphorous?

Plants get phosphorous from light.

What is the main source for phosphorous?

Phosphorous mines

What is the importance of the phosphorus cycle to humans?

The phosphorous cycle is important to humans because without phosphorous in plants, they wouldn't be able to grow because they wouldn't be able to produce the ATP needed for them to grow. Without plants the entire food chain would fall apart and the entire worlds population would die. In other words without the phosphorous cycle life on earth would not be possible. Phosphorous is also found in cell membranes and in animals/humans teeth. And phosphorous wouldn't be made without the phosphorous cycle.

Phosphorous belongs to which family?

Phosphorous is a non-metal.

How many protons does phosphorous has?

Phosphorous has 15 protons

What type of nutrient is phosphorous?

Phosphorous is indispensable for plants.

What is the name of PCI3?

PCl3 has the IUPAC name phosphorous trichloride. It is formed from the phosphorous (III) atom, so it is also called phosphorous (III) chloride and phosphorous chloride.

Why is phosphorous often a limiting factor in environments?

Phosphorous is often a limiting factor in environments because plants need phosphorous to maintain their cellular biology. If there is insufficient phosphorous, plants will be stunted or not grow at all. If there is too much phosphorous, plants also have a difficult time or won't grow. Phosphorous uptake is not something that plants can control with certainty, and phosphorous could be a limiting nutrient in a given area under study. Use the link to the Wikipedia article on phosphorous and see what is posted on phosphorous and biology.

Why do plants need phosphorous?

Plants need phosphorous for protein

How many electrons does phosphorous have?

In Phosphorous There Are 15 Electrons in an atom of it

What is the crystal structure of phosphorous?

The crystal structure of phosphorous is monoclinic.

What is the formula of phosphorous?

Also phosphorous is the ion (PO3)3-.

What is the total number of protons in phosphorous?

Phosphorous has 15 protons.

Which six elements are the most important to living things?

Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur.

Is phosphorous an allotrope?

Phosphorus is an element. Phosphorus has many allotropes the most important ones are white and red .

What are the components of chemical fertilizers?

The most important components are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and some microelements.

What vitamins and minerals do oranges have?

Important chemical elements in oranges: potassium, calcium, phosphorous. Important vitamins in oranges: A, C, B9 (folic acid).

Is phosphorous a metal or a non metal?

Phosphorous (P) is a non metal.

Minerals of the body?

The minerals that are important for the health are 1)Calcium 2)Phosphorous 3)Magnesium 4)Iron

What is the 6 most important elements in living things CHONPS?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphur.

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