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good question! that's exactly what I was thinking. Let me know if you find the answer.

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Q: Why is pincement classified as a tapotement technique when it's manner should fall under petrissage kneading?
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What is the petrissage massage technique?

Petrissage is a kind of movement used particularly in Swedish massage, as are effleurage, tapotement, friction and percussion. Petrissage takes many different forms, depending on the intention of the therapist, but it is generally defined as kneading, lifting, wringing or squeezing of the skin or superficial muscles.

What is a petrissage massage technique?

The technique involves kneading or rolling the belly of the muscle. this service is done at the end of the shampoo

How does petrissage massage technique affect the hair?

In general, massage to any part of the body that has hair, usually has no affect on the hair, itself. What may feel uncomfortable is caused by tension in the skin.

Direct costing as a technique of costing?

direct costing is a technique in which costs are classified as direct cost or indirect cost.

What is Picasso's technique?

Pablo Picasso often used an oil on canvas technique. The style of his paintings are classified as cubism and surrealism.

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Types of testing is broadly classified as Black box testing and white box testing

When and how petrissage technique be used on hair?

Petrissage : positioning your hands in a claw like manner and using your finger pods only massage the scalp in a deep , firm , slow movement mooving around the head , kneck of the nerves . Straight at the front hairlines , moove through to the ears and then down to the nape and finally back up to the crown and fourhead again this stimulates the blood supply of the scalp and the moovement of lymph it also stimulates the sebaceous glands and improves muscle tone.

What is the best massage technique for relieving sore muscles?

The best way to relieve the soreness, called delayed-onset pain, that comes one to two days after physical exertion is by techniques that affect the muscle fibers and circulation; petrissage is one of the best, usually.

When and how effleurage and petrissage massage techniques should be used when conditioning different lengts of hair?

The 4 Massage Techinques: Effleurage Rotary Friction Petrissage This is quick small circular movements that stimulate the hair and there for make it grow. 1. Effleurage is a technique you can use on all hair types It is used during shampooing and conditioning to spread the shampoo This is a smoothing, stroking movement which start and finishes the massage routine and relaxes the client. 2. Rotary. Technique used for shampooing Using the pads of the fingers its round circular movement Stimulates the scalp Removes dirt and grease Can be used on all hair types when shampooing 3. Friction. Light quicker movements used when shampooing to stimulate the scalp Do not use this technique on long or sparse hair Ideal on short or thick hair. 4. Petrissage. Used when conditioning or applying scalp treatments This is a deep kneading massage movement which stimulates the scalp Do not use on long hair or tangling may occur.

What are the different types of testing technique?

Types of testing is broadly classified as Black box testing and white box testing

How are hot water heating systems classified?

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What techniques are used to massage?

Certainly there are different types of techniques in Swedish massage, but to get technical and specific, for those who want to know... Efflorage - That is where you apply the lotion/oil/gel/cream to the client through soft gliding strokes. Petrissage - That is where the muscles are manipulated through either a 'kneading' motion or something that is called 'fulling' in which you are basically spreading the muscles, much like spreading out the dough that you just kneaded. Friction - That is exactly how it sounds. You cause friction by rubbing the hands upon the muscles in a quick back and forth motion to provide heat to the muscles and also to stimulate the blood flow. Vibration - That is another technique to stimulate the muscles and blood flow. Tapotement - That is the act that everyone associates with massage therapy in movies and such. It's when you slap the muscles with either the palm of your hand, the side of your hand, or in a cupping fashion.

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