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Why is puberty so hard to deal with?

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Because you are going through a lot of changes and are making a major transition in life, from childhood to adolescence (being a teenager). Your body is growing and changing, and the way people treat you, and their expectations of you are also changing. Meanwhile, very potent chemicals called hormones are coursing through your bloodstream. These can affect your mood, make you feel jumpy, irritable, etc.

Two important things to remember: 1) it will pass, and things will get better; and

2) every teenager and adult alive today has gone through puberty and survived. You will too. Best of luck.

2010-03-28 01:03:49
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Q: Why is puberty so hard to deal with?
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How do you reach puberty faster?

Simple. It is not possible so just deal and let it happen when it happens.

How do you deal with early puberty?

Puberty is coming whether you consider it early or not. It is a natural part of life & there is no need to look at it as something you have to deal with. Puberty brings a lot of great things & when it is done you will be a man. Don't deal with it, embrace it & celebrate it!

If you started puberty age 9 when do you end puberty?

Puberty ends when the growth plates on the bones close. When this happens, the person is as tall as he or she will ever get, so this is regarded to be the "end" of puberty. This happens at different ages for everybody, so it is hard to tell exactly when puberty will end, even if you know the age you started.

How does the Indian culture deal with puberty?

The Indian culture is stereotypical with puberty. They treat it as bad thing.

Im 13 and still havent gone through puberty is that bad?

no because everyone is unique as they say so if your puberty is late then it's not a big deal because there are early bloomers and late bloomers in puberty and you are a late bloomer.

Is bills hard too pay?

sometimes so deal with it

Why is your work so hard?

because your probably making a good deal of money

Girls have a hard time during puberty and it is not fair-do boys have a hard time?


Why grethephysical and emotional changes of puberty so difficult and deal with?

This is because there is much apprehension about the changes. Some people dont like changes that take place so fast.

What happpens at the age 11 in puberty?

The girl puberty starts at the age of 11-12. SO at 11, you have just hit puberty if at you might get your first period. In boys, puberty starts at 12-13. So if you are a boy, you are yet to hit puberty

What does it mean if a boys dick hurts?

ita means he would have a hard dick but he hasnt hit puberty yet so it hurts him.

Why is your big sister always so moody?

If she is going through puberty, that could be one of the main reasons she is moody. Going through puberty is a hard time for people and will make them moody and annoying. Hope this helps :)

Why are boys so different from girls?

boys always get there puberty second so they grow taller than girls but boys have a hard time showing girls that they like them.

Why is my puberty so late?

Average age for puberty in males is 11 to 12 years. But puberty may start later than that. So dont you worry.

Why is illegal immigration such a big deal in America?

bc they are stealing our benefits that we work so hard for

If you shave your upper lip is it puberty?

Puberty is what brings on facial hair so if you need to shave you are def in puberty.

Is freshman year hard to deal with?

no it is not hard it is sort of like 8th grade but the work gets harder. so don't be scared trust me.

Is puberty a stage of life?

Yes it is, puberty can be because what I learnt is that for girls puberty is hard by have periods & pimples, guys have growing pains, pimples & voice change. Puberty can help you have a baby & all things that help you more in life.

What food cause puberty?

There is no kind of food that will cause you to have puberty. Puberty occurs naturally so just be patient with yourself.

Do crocodiles get puberty?

Every animal and birl undergoes puberty. So ,yes, crocodiles also go through puberty.

Is the beginning of adolescence puberty?

Yes, puberty is the process where children mature into adults. So adolescence is like a stage of puberty.

Does your hair fall in puberty?

During puberty, hair actually grow faster than usual. It is only after puberty that hair is often hard to be grown, and even start falling depending the genes.

What does unenviable mean?

unenviableSo undesirable as to be incapable of arousing jealousy Hard to deal with.Source:

How long do girls go through puberty for?

On average, a girl usually starts puberty at the ages of 8-13, although it is possible to start before 8 or after 13. The stage of puberty differs between everyone; however, on average, puberty usually lasts around five years or so. It depends on the girl. It certainly depends on your friends of how you deal with it. Hormones are certainly a factor, which effects your emotional status.

Can an OBGYN nurse deal with a hard pregnancy?

Not sure what you mean with "deal with hard pregnancy". That is her job, no matter what kind of pregnancy you have.