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Why is racism a social justice issue?

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2015-06-16 19:08:52

Racism is a social justice issue because it involves

discriminating, teasing, killing, torturing and totally destroying

confidence in people because of who they are. Racism can lead to

death, not only by the people doing the discriminating but those

who take their own lives because of what they have put up with. It

is unjust to be racist and it is also morally wrong. It is obvious

that racism has serious health, social and economic consequences.

While the cost of social problems such as domestic violence,

obesity and depression has been measured, there is no economic cost

of racism to society in today's life. The government has been

focusing on making more working opportunities to the people who are

discriminated and consequently being not as well of as others being

the ones doing the racism. Because of all these things coming

together, it is a major social justice issue. The issue of racism

has been happening for hundreds of years and thankfully has come

down dramatically in the last decade. This social justice issue in

Australia is important because 75% of racism in Australia is to the

local indigenous Australians. It is socially unjust because they

are the true Australians who own the land and we are making fun of

them because of their skin color and how they live their

traditional lives. In society they are the ones who have right of

way and us being racist to them is a social justice issue.

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