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Why is radiator fluid leaking and white smoke coming from the exhaust?


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You might have a blown head gasket or your engine block is cracked.

Edit to add; The white smoke is steam. That means that your coolant got into your cylinders. A blown head gasket is the most likely cause, but a cracked engine block or warped aluminum heads are possibilities.

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Find where the fluid is coming out and repair/replace it.

yes, if the trans fluid is hitting the exhaust, but not out of the pipes coming from the outside of the pipes.

easiest way is to fill radiator and look and see where fluid is coming out, but Im sure you thought of that. The best way is to plug the ends of the radiator up with some type of rubber stopper then insert blow air through the drainport while holding it under water. Wherever the bubbles are coming from is where its leaking.

"transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban

Yes, if the fluid is leaking on the exhaust or the belt is slipping badly.Yes, if the fluid is leaking on the exhaust or the belt is slipping badly.

Antifreeze is green in color and is leaking from your radiator .

It is probably Radiator fluid that's leaking. if you have red radiator fluid. it looks purple when it heats up. I had this from my Toyota Sequoia when the leak went over the hot engine.

put radiator sealer in it or crack an egg in it

if you have an automatic transmission there should be cooling lines going to the radiator to cool the transmission fluid the lines could be leaking or the tank could be leaking

Green fluid leaking from a car is radiator fluid. "A professional certified mechanic can handle the repair or maintenance needed to fix this issue."

loose/cracked radiatior hoses

If a lower radiator hose was replaced on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan, but it is still leaking fluid, it could be that there is a hole in the radiator. It could also mean that there is damage to the overflow reservoir or its hoses.

Internal engine antifreeze leak what else could cause besides headgasket? there is no antifreeze in the oil it is clean

You have a leaking transmission cooler, usually part of the radiator. The transmission fluid is mixing with the antifreeze turning it pink.

looks like a sensor or thermostat going into engine block

I wondered the same thing. The radiator doesn't only cool the engine coolant, It also cools the transmission fluid that comes from your transmission through the cooling lines. So your radiator has a crack somewhere and that would explain the transmission fluid leaking out. Hope that answers it. William @ JeepGrandCherokeeTransmission.com

Look for a leak, if not white smoke from exhaust (going into engine)

leaking head gasket or improper fluid in cooling system

The transmission cooler is built into the radiator, and the tubes on the cooler are leaking Trans. fluid into the engine coolant. Need to replace radiator.

It could be the radiator, hoses, fuel pump or an engine gasket. All of those components just "give out" with time.

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