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Why is rain water more acidic if there is pollution?


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Pollution can add materials like SOx and NOx to rainwater. With water these form acids. Acids are, by definition, acidic

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Rain water becomes Acidic when it falls through pollution :) Have fun with your work Hunny Pie

The pollution mixes with the rain clouds and makes it more acidic. Other human activities, such as driving cars, release nitrogen and sulfur compounds in the water vapor. This causes the water vapor to be more acidic. When the precipitation falls back to the Earth it is known as acid rain.

Pollution evaporates with the water, and comes down as acid rain.

Acid rain occurs when rain water falls through layers of industrial pollution. Acidic pollution particles dissolves into the rain drops.

S02 is produced by mold. It makes the rain water acidic because when it rains the dirt and pollution in the air are collected and when it floods the pollution an the ground is collected in the water.

All rain water is slightly acidic.

forest cause the rain water is more acidic

Acid rain is made from chemicals in the air mixing with water in the air. This makes the rain more acidic then normal rain.

Acid Rain is more common in devolped countries as they create more air pollution and gases that can dissovle into the rain causing it to be acidic.

Pollution - More emmisions- rain cycle is unstable and places get more rain or not enough rain. There will be flooded areas and also areas where there are droughts.

Rain is normally slightly acidic because as clouds form and rain falls, the water reacts with with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form very weak carbonic acid that's why.

Normal rain is slightly acidic but it occurs naturally, as oppose to acid rain caused by air pollution

One cause of acidic ground water is polluted rain water, which can be acidic.

Acid rain is rain that has become (slightly) acidic. It is caused by the water in the rain reacting with chemicals present in air pollution. That pollution often comes from industries and vehicleswell its rain for one thing!! and its got acid in it!!"Acid rain" is a broad term used to describe several ways that acids fall out of the atmosphere. A more precise term is acid deposition, which has two parts: wet and dry.Wet deposition refers to acidic rain, fog, and snow. As this acidic water flows over and through the ground, it affects a variety of plants and animals. The strength of the effects depend on many factors, including how acidic the water is, the chemistry and buffering capacity of the soils involved, and the types of fish, trees, and other living things that rely on the water.

It affects because it causes Acidic rain and acidic rain contaminate the water.

All rain is at least slightly acidic due to the water combining with carbon dioxide in the atmopshere to form carbonic acid. Rain is considered acid rain when it is more acidic than should normally occur in nature.

Acid rain is precipitation that's made acidic by pollution and causes harm to the environment.

Rain can be made more acidic by reactions with nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which react with water to form nitric acid and sulfuric acid respectively.

No, it can't, because the rain is made acid by carbon and other contaminates in the air as it fall through the pollution in the air and it may pick up additional pollution and further concentrate acidity in water or soil carbonation of water acidifies it which is why ordinary water is not acidic but bubbly water or carbonated drinks are and this carbonation dissolves calcium in teeth or the shells of sea creatures There is nothing funny in acid rain.

Normal rainfall is slightly acidic without pollution because it has dissolved carbonic acid or carbon dioxide in it. Soda pop contains the same carbonic acid as the rain has.

Acid in acid rain causes a deterioration of stone and wood. It also makes soil too acidic for plants to grow and makes water to acidic for fish to live in.

The pollutants in air make rain water acidic. Rain water, containing acid reaches everywhere .

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