Why is rice Philippines' staple food?


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As with other neighboring Asian countries, rice is Philippines staple food because rice is the main crop that employs 90 percent of the country's farmers. Being a tropical country with wet and dry season made it suitable for rice farming. Wet season (June to November) is the growing season for rice while the dry season (December to May) is harvest season. Rice, though prepared labor-intensively is easy to cook and prepare usually boiled and serve with various dishes ranging from fish to special dishes with Spanish and Chinese influence. Left-over rice is never wasted and is prepared into sinangag (fried rice) sauteed in garlic and served hot with local dishes. Sinangag is often served during breakfast with fried dishes such as eggs and fried meats e.g. sausage, tocino, corned beef and tapa. Sometimes, sinangag is turned into special meal with peas, onion springs and chorizo de bilbao.

Rice is also the main ingredients for prridge such as goto, lugaw, arroz caldo, and champorado which are great for breakfast, merienda and light food wile recovering from an illness.

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