Why is science so boring?



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The reason to this is it's work =/

Lets face it, we all wanna go home and sleep not figure out some wierd acid!

Alot of the time, we wanna kick it up the back side!


Generally science is presented by staff with no love or interest in the topic and they spread their disinterest to the students. When science is taught as its applications - music, cooking, health, art, swimming, space travel, dinosaurs, bartending, bar bets, magic tricks, electronics, target shooting, martial arts, weight lifting, football. stained glass, love, gambling - a lot more interest is generated.

In today's world its the guys and gals with the science degrees who are in space, working with robots and lasers, doing brain surgery, exploring Antarctica, and planning the future.

In Carl Sagan's book "The Demon Haunted World" he says:

" I wish I could tell you about inspirational teachers in science from my elementary or junior high or high school days. But ... there were none ... there was no soaring sense of wonder... It was our job to merely remember what we had been commanded."


To tell the truth, it depends on who teaches it and how they teach it

Science has many different variations including astronomy, physics, biology etc.

or Pokemon

basically because they just want to bore us and i think we don't need science that is my opinion