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Besides increasing the population, sex can be good exercise. Sex causes the release of endorphins and has been shown to reduce conditions related to stress.
Emotionally, sex can be a mixed bag, but making love with someone you are intimate with can boost confidence, encourage bonding and communication, and leave you feeling amazing - and we should not ignore the positive effect on health that improved morale can have.
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How do you have good sex?

well you should love the person you have sex with, also you should be trying to cause pleasure to yourself and your partner Good sex is doing all and whatever it takes to reach maximum pleasure. you can do this by buying certain condoms and lubricant . you can have good sex by being a good sour ( Full Answer )

What is good sex?

Good sex consists of many things. For example, the two individuals are to be physically attracted to each other, both partners have to be emotionally (and mentally ready) for sexual intercourse. Sex can be many things, some people like foreplay, for example, being rubbed or fingered. Girls like t ( Full Answer )

Is sex good for you?

Yes, sex is good for you. It gets your hormones going and it can also relieve someone from a headache, backache, or even from cramps. It can also be categorized as a workout because when you have sex, you lose weight. So yes, sex is very much good for you.

How good is sex?

Its like your on Cloud 9, and then upgraded for free to Cloud 27. And the Cloud numbering system stops at 12.

What are good sex techniques?

Answer . Answer For reasons that I am sure you will agree with, certain questions can't be answered fully because there are young kids that come to this site, just to get off, if you know what I mean, so in your case, don't' worry about techniques, go with the flow.

Is sex a good thing?

It is a marvelous thing as long as you are in a safe and committedrelationship.

How do you be good at sex?

Practice and learning from your mistakes. Paying attention to the other persons responses, putting their pleasure ahead of your own.

What are some good sex toys?

some good sex toys are dildos, vibrator, the finger and lots of other household items.

What are good sex games?

see the related question for more infor and see the links below for different ideas, and free online games.

What is good in sex?

Well, the one and only good thing about sex is that you can get a little baby boy or girl off it. Now if you dont want that, make sure the guy uses a condom. K?

How is sex good?

Sex is not good. It is a really bad thing to do because you can get hurt hard doing it. Besides if u wanna get pregnant, do something else like other physical actions that will not harm your body in any way. HeyHoN-G-O Says: This Person Above Me Has Probally is probally single and has never ha ( Full Answer )

How to be good at sex?

ask the girl she might know if you got anything to improve. And if you do well think about it as a normal thing you cant be good at everything :P unless ur a girl. . .then u can be good by sayin sexy things to your man,really let him know you like it! :) if ur the boy then give it to her good :p li ( Full Answer )

Is sex good for us?

Sure it is good for us physically and psychologically and socially on condition to be practiced per religion requirements within licit marriage. Fornication is strictly forbidden per religion.

Is marijuana good for sex?

Sometimes...it gets you to feel in a bomb mood and you feel harder than normal and lasts longer

Does sex feel good with a condom?

Yes! It can feel exactly the same as having sex without one however there are different types of condoms designed to do different things. For example there are thicker ones that I would imagine don't feel as good and in my opinion the ones that are designed to make sex last longer burn after a whi ( Full Answer )

Is fetish sex good?

It depends on what you mean by "good". Done responsibly with another consenting adult, it's great fun. If you're talking morals, my personal opinion is that there's nothing wrong with fetish sex in and of itself. Again, you need to do it with another responsible, consenting adult!

What is a good move in sex?

A good move is to perform oral sex on your partner. It gets them in the mood for more.

Is rough sex good for females?

yes! it is good if the man likes it, he will want to have it more. that would make you more important to him. espiacially if you're good at doing it with guys.

What r good sex games?

Jill the plumber If you write down fingering, two holes, rainbow kiss, striptease, lapdance and using 4 sex toys. Then put them in a hat and let a girl reach in and get one out. Then choose how many man you need then go on the floor and get naughty This game needs over 4 or more people.

How to have a good sex?

if you want to have good sex then make sure your partner is up for it to make your sex more interesting don't do it in bed do on the kitchen table or in the show during sex er or even up the wall but during sex make sure you get horny don't let your partner do all the work make your partner fell goo ( Full Answer )

Is sexing good?

No its really gross once you come to it... it could make you insandly vomit and that is no joke im taking this serious

What makes good sex good?

Love , listening , being in tune with each other , feeling free to express yourself , trust, and a certain amount of experience.

Is sex is good for you?

The Best Thing In the world me and my lesbian girlfriend are at it all the time (: I love you

How do have good sex?

well you should love the person you have sex with, also you should be trying to cause pleasure to yourself and your partner. you can do this by buying condoms and lubricant .

Sex is good or not?

Yes it is good. As long as it is between two (or more) mutually consenting adults then it is great.

Sex is good?

It can be great. But you need to be safe about whats going on when you do it. Use any type of protection. Also the best thing to do is make sure you love someone before you lose you virginity. . Although its great some religions forbid it till marrige.

Sex is how good?

Very. You feel your limbs go numb, but in a nice way. Then you cum ;P

Is sex good for you or not?

Well how is it bad for you? Exactly, so it must be good. There is mounting evidence to suggest that having sex is actually good for the body.. A few of those reasons are; The release of hormones after orgasm is believed to help people sleep, relax and calm the body.. Orgasm leads to pain relief; ( Full Answer )

How you have good sex?

Its how you do it! Hmm... So you want to have good sex? Step 1. Get naked and roll on the bed touching and squirming and giggling. Then you get started... Step 2. The male should instert his finger or somthing small and thrust in and out. Then Swith to the penis. Stick it in carefully and slowly. ( Full Answer )

What to have for a good sex?

i personally think that passionate sex is best- where you are really in love. however, if the woman achieves orgasm first then the man should have sex with her if it is just one night stand (just for fun).

Which fruit is good for good sex?

No fruit just have sex with the beach ( go hard) (go slow ) (sex her like crazy make booed come out )

Is it good to sex?

When everyone involved is at ease and looking forward to it sex is a great experience.

What is good sex music?

Depends on your taste in music. Most people find rhythmic music without lyrics works best. It should make the sex better, not distract you!

Is sex is good at the age of 18?

It should be if you do it right. You will find it gets better as you age and become more comfortable with it and yourself. Biggest thing to realize is that at 18 you can become a parent very easily and you are responsible for what you do. Male or female, it is your responsibility.

What is a good sex lubricant?

KY Jelly is highly popular. Lately, I've noticed that many larger drugstores have a variety of lubricants available. Remember, oil-based lubricants can weaken or even break condoms, so be sure to use a water- or silicon-based lubricant with a condom. (KY is water-based. Unfortunately, it's not reall ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the sex was good for the girl?

You know your lady friend enjoyed the sex if she laughs hysterically and updates her status on facebook. These updates should include but are not limited to: "Is that what a pencil feels like?" "LOL" "I didn't feel a thing" "Well, I'm still a virgin" "I'm single!" "LAWLZ" "ROFLC ( Full Answer )

Why sex ed is good in school?

Sex Ed is good in school because people learn about subjects and correct information at school. Sex is usually learned outside of school like through media, family and/or friends. Its important for people to learn about sex at school so that they can get all the facts and knowledge about sex so that ( Full Answer )

Why is sexs good?

Sex is good because it brings you pleasure and is just a funactivity that helps you explore your body

Slim girl is good for sex?

Size is strictly personal preference, but most would say yes. It's easier when you like the girl on top & they can get into more positions.

Is sex good at 50?

Experts say that sex lowers blood pressure, stress and gives you more confidence, but of course if sex hurts seek your doctors advice. Another answer I disagree, I don't think having sex frequently lowers blood pressure, from my experience it never did. Sex only gets better with experience.

What are good books for teenagers with sex?

teenagers should not engage in sexual activity because it is a stage of their development and they have to learn to have self control over their bodies a highly recommended book is called(questions young people ask) published by the watchtower society in brooklyn,it is free and could be sent to your ( Full Answer )

Does coffee good for sex?

While the caffeine in coffee might give you a bit more energy, there is nothing to suggest that coffee is in any way an aphrodisiac.

Is it good for sex?

Sometimes It's good, If people want to make baby Etc.. But people just do it for fun . Kids do it at a very low age . so Do it if baby Nothing els ..

Is sexs good?

Sex is good at then right age with then right person. Sex can relieve stress and also can make someone happy! Taking depression or sadness away. It is humans natural way. We have been doing It since then start. But protection is key if you dont want children or STD's! It takes a mature person at the ( Full Answer )

Is a Chinese girl good for sex?

Your question requires an explanation for why you are asking this. Girl? Woman? You are talking about a person, a female human being, not a toy or a servant! Sex is an advanced human relationship between two persons who have a relationship, and if you have a caring and loving relationship with any ( Full Answer )

Is Viagra good for sex?

If you are having issues with impotence, than your doctor can prescribe you Viagra. However, it is not usually advisable to use it otherwise. Many people do not realize that Viagra was originally created as a cardiac medicine. The fact it helped to enable erections was just a side effect due to the ( Full Answer )