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sodium has in his orbits or shell 2,8,1

so it is easier for it to loose this electron to reach his stability form and for that it is very reactive with most of the chemical elements

otherwise the chlorine is very active specifically with Oxygen O2 which transform it to chlorites, chlorates, and perchlorate

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Q: Why is sodium a very reactive metal and chlorine is a very reactive nonmetal?
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Is sodium a nonmetal or a metal?

Sodium is a metal.

Is sodium chloride two metals two nonmetals a metal and a nonmetal or a nonmetal and a noble gas?

Sodium chloride contains the metal sodium and the non metal chlorine.

Is sodium and chlorine pair form ionic bond?

Yes. It is because Sodium is a metal and Chlorine is a nonmetal and all metal-nonmetal bonds are ionic. This compound is common table salt.

Which non-metal element is in table salt?

Table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) contain sodium and chlorine. Chlorine is a nonmetal.

Sodium metal can react with the nonmetal chlorine to form what?

NaCl, which is table salt.

Is chlorine a noble gas metal or nonmetal?

Chlorine is a non-metal. It is found in group 7 of the periodic table of elements and has electronic configuration [Ne] 3s2 3p5.

Is the element sodium a metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Salt is a compound of Sodium (Na) and of Chlorine (Cl), thus, it is a nonmetal because it is a compound of 2 nonmetals. Na is not a nonmetal it is a highly active metal. This can be easily googled.

Why the term molecule is appropriate for hydrogen chloride but not for sodium chloride?

Hydrogen and chlorine are both nonmetals, and nonmetals form molecular compounds when bonded together. Sodium is a metal and chlorine is a nonmetal, and a metal and a nonmetal form an ionic compound.

Is sodium chloride classified as metals?

No, sodium chloride is classified as a salt. It is a compound fo sodium, a metal, and chlorine, a nonmetal.

Is sodium and chlorine metals or non metals?

Sodium, copper and aluminum are all metals. Chlorine is not a metal.

Is chlorine metal nonmetal metalloid or noble gas?

it's a non-metal

Is chlorine metal metalliod or nonmetal?