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Why is spanish spoken so much through out the world?

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because if u went to Spain and u haden't leart it u would find it very hard to commintait wiv spanish peoplebecause if u went to Spain and u haden't leart it u would find it very hard to commintait wiv spanish peopleits just like us

why is English spoken? spanish is spoken because it is their modern language like ours is English! we come from different cultures that's why spanish is spoken so much throughout the word because of the culture we come from.

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Where around the world is spanish spoken?

Spanish is spoken in Spain, in Mexico, and in Central and South America where Spain was the colonial power. That's pretty much everywhere in South America except Brazil, where Portugal was the colonial power and Portuguese is spoken.

How much Portuguese is spoken in Argentina?

None. Portugese is spoken in Brazil, Spanish in Argentina

Why is spanish spoken in south and north American so much?

Spanish is spoken so heavily in North and South America because Spain had a large number of colonies on these two continents, and imposed Spanish on the native inhabitants.

What are the languages that are spoken in the world?

English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Italian, etc. There are around 6500 languages spoken in the world, obviously too much to type.

Why is Spanish a most spoken language?

Spanish was spread widely through the exploration and conquest of the 15th and 16th centuries. Spain colonized much of what is today Latin America and the Caribbean, and controlled the Philippines until 1898. They also had several colonies in Africa.

Why did the spanish language become so widely spoken?

Spanish is so widely spoken because the Spanish had such a wide empire, reaching from much of the Caribbean, South and Central America and parts of North America to Asia and Africa beginning in 1492 and lasting for centuries. In the Spanish colonies speaking Spanish was a requirement imposed on the native peoples and in addition there were many Spanish colonists living in these colonies. Spanish is now the second most widely used language in the world after English, having recently displaced French from that statistic.

What is the best language to learn after English in different countries of the world?

Based upon likely economic importance and influence, Mandarin Chinese. If you don't have a pretty acute sense of pitch, try Hindi If you are thinking European languages... then Either French, which is still a staple in much of South East Asia as well as Europe... Or Spanish- which is spoken all over the New World, and which gets you pretty much able to understand Italian and other latin languages.

Which languages are the most popular in the world?

English, Chinese and Spanish are the most popular languages on Earth. English is spoken about anywhere in the world. China and Taiwan are both Chinese countries and China has a huge population. Since Spain colonized most of Latin America, much of that area speaks Spanish.

What does Todo this bientambien te amomucho mean?

The phase means I love you very much in English. This is spoken in Spanish.

What languages are spoken in Asturias Spain?

They speak Castellano(Spanish)but people of the territory speak among themselves in the dialect 'Asturian' which is intelligible to others and is not that much different than the nationally spoken Castellano.Asturias is a region of northwest Spain that is considered autonomous. The capital is Oviedo and the primary language spoken in this region is Spanish.

Why language choices are important?

It is obviously important to know English, but then spanish is becoming JUST as important, in 10 years English will not be spoken as much so it will be NECESSARY to know spanish.

Which is more useful french or spanish?

Answer: Spanish is spoken in all of Latin America (excluding Brasil and Belize), much of the Carribean, by a growing Hispanic community in the United States, and in Spain. French is spoken in Québec, New Brunswick, northern Maine, Louisiana, much of the Carribean, many Pacific islands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, dozens of countries in Africa, southwest Asia, and in Lebanon and Syria. French was the lingua franca of the world before English and some believe Spanish will be the next lingua franca. Bot languages are probably the most useful languages in the world after English so you can't go wrong with either of them.

What best describes how the English and Spanish colonies compared as of 1600?

The Spanish empire in the New World was much larger.

Which best describes how the English and spanish colonies compared as of 1600?

The Spanish empire in the New World was much larger.

When did Andorrans become Spanish speaking?

In many respects, Andorra is much like the Spanish Provinces of Lerida, Gerona, Barcelona and Tarragona where Catalan and Spanish have coexisted for centuries. Unlike the Catalan Provinces of Spain, Andorra has the French Language more widely spoken and known.

Why should people speak Spanish in the US.?

Note that Spanish is the most widley spoken romance language in the world. It is spoken by hundreds of millions of people. They speak it because their anscestors adopted it and passed it down. Spanish spread very widely because, at one time, the Spanish empire was very powerful. Ask yourself why so many people in the world speak English. Very much of it has to do with the US being a superpower and the Brittish Empire None of the above answers the question. They should speak Spanish because they can speak Spanish. It is better to speak 2 languages than 1, and it is better to speak 3 languages than 2. For this very same reason, however, instead of insisting that the US cater to them and adopt a second language, they slould learn English. Push 1 for English, push 2 for Spanish is not a suitable sustitute.

How much french is spoken in Madagascar?

French is only spoken by the educated population.

What gave the spanish the authority to coloinize much of the new world?

The treaty of tortellis

What languages are spoken in Panama?

Spanish is the official language of Panama, much the same as it is in all of Central America. A large number of Panamanians speak both Spanish and English.The offical language of Panama is SpanishSpanishSpanish, English, and seven more indigenous languagesThe main and official Panama language is Spanish, which is widely spoken by most of the people in the country. This Panama language is loved and respected by every citizen and gives them a unique and separate identity.However apart from Spanish, another popular Panama language is English, which is fluently spoken by ~ 15% of the population.English is also one of the chosen mediums of instruction and education in numerous good schools in Panama.AnswerspanishSpanishSpanish.SpanishSpanish is the most common language.SpanishSpanish

Why was Spain able to control so much of the New World?

Spain was the first European country to explore the Americas. Spanish conquistadors were sent to the New World with much better military technology than that which was available to the local inhabitants. Colonists were drawn to the Americas by the promise of vast riches and the prospect of winning new souls for God. The Spanish Monarchy was able to control the Spanish settlers through a system of viceroyalties and audencias (royal courts of appeals).

Why was Spain able to control much of the new world?

Spanish soldiers were sent to the New World in great numbers

How much of the world speaks spanish?

As pf 2011, approximately 500 million people.

Where is English spoken in Canada?

English is spoken in Canada from coast to coast. In the province of Quebec there is not as much of it.

Who is fransico Pizarro?

A Spanish conquistador who traveled through much of the pacific coast of America along Peru

Why is Spanish spoken in Peru?

Spanish is spoken in Peru as a result of the Spanish colonisation of Peru in, and since, 1533.People in Peru speak Spanish due to Spanish conquistadors conquered the Incas. This group was led to Tumbes by Francisco Pizarro in 1532.Spain ravaged and colonised much of South America in the wake of the Columbian discoveries.Peru was part of the Spanish Empire since 1532 to 1821, when the republic was established. Most South American countries speak Spanish except Brazil who was a colony of Portugal so they speak Portuguese. Latin America speaks Spanish mostly because of the same reason. Spain inherited the language (Spanish) and the religion (Catholicism/Christianity) to this countries.Actually I'm Peruvian, so I am 100% sure about my answer.It is because Spain ravaged and colonised much of South America (Peru) in the wake of the Colombian discoveries.Spanish was inherited in the country when the conquistadors invaded.The original language was Quechua.When the Spanish Empire conquered Peru in the 16th century, they established and spoke the Spanish language in the country. Today, Spanish is still the main spoken language in Peru.It is because Spain conquered Peru a long time back.because Peru is a Spanish-speaking country.because Peru is a Spanish-speaking country.