Why is speaking Hindi not important for all Indians?

Whilst it is more a social trend than a cultural one, some Indians consider their native Hindi language to be obsolete and socially backward. This is often evidenced in families where one or more family members have successfully migrated to a Western society, such as the United Kingdom.

It's a bit of a cultural phenomenon that many of the Westernised Indians have strained to what they believe to be rising above their original culture. This is achieved by dismissing as many of their original cultural patterns as possible.

Its roots rest in the still strong age-old socio-cultural phenomena that has evolved through centuries called Caste.

Caste is a system of social stratification, where an individual's identity is a consequence of birth and ancestry, their worth intrinsic and unequal.A pure caste system is a closed system, which allows for little change in social position. This is because birth alone determines a person's entire future, allowing little or no social mobility based on individual effort.

Therefore, some individuals consider themselves as being of a higher caste than even their highest caste friends who have not achieved anything outside of the traditional Indian culture.

There are many anecdotal stories to support this, beginning as early as passengers boarding a British airline to the UK. Cabin crews find it rather humorous to see a number of native Indians, who have achieved UK citizenship, by whatever means, go to great lengths to present themselves as being 'above' other fellow Indian passengers. This is often achieved by not-so-subtle ways of displaying their British passports for the cabin crew to see. This is done with the misdirected belief that the cabin crew will either treat them differently, or hold them in higher esteem than other passengers. In fact, quite the opposite results are achieved; the crew members only perceive such passengers as being 'hoi polloli' snobs, or as individuals so insecure with themselves that they're desperate to wholly surrender their cultural pride and origins to make themselves feel 'above' others.

It is thought by many that those who surrender these rich and beautiful origins of their heritage are losing their true identities and doing a disservice to their origins.