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It's Not! Spunk is infact sweet. Any way, that's a stupid question! It's like asking "Why is sea water salty?" - Becuse it contains salt! (Unlike spunk).

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It DOES taste salty. Some guys are much saltier than others, but all the semen I've had tastes at least a little salty. I wasn't sure why either till i looked it up online. They say it has to do with the fact that semen is usually alkaline, which is what gives it the salty taste and sometimes a strong bleach smell. That's why when a guy eats sweet acidic things (like citrus fruit) it makes his semen taste better. It helps balance out the pH levels.

So eat citrus fruits (especially pineapple), honey, celery, and drink lots of water to make it taste better. Also avoid red meat, coffee, aparagus, alcohol, tobacco, onions and garlic.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:30:24
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Q: Why is spunk salty?
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