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Why is stained glass used in churches?

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Because back in the days not many people could read, they invented a story in Stain Glass Windows to show what really happened without having to take a book even though you could not read.

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What were stained glass windows?

Stained glass windows are windows made of elaborately colored glass that usually make a picture of some sort. They are mostly used in churches.

Why is stained glass used?

Stained glass is decorative, and when it is well done it is beautiful. It is most often seen in churches and cathedrals, but it does not have to be based on religious themes.

Do Orthodox Churches have stained glass windows?


Where are modern stained glass windows found?

in Churches

Why is stained glass important for churches?

It is used because of its beauty and also to depict Biblical stories

What is the name of the coloured glass in a church?

Typically churches have stained-glass windows.

How is stained glass used in lives?

It has been usefull in our lives because it portrays the art and it is also used in churches.

What structures are likely to have a stained glass window?

Churches are most likely to have stained glass windows.Most churches have large windows,which show the beauty of the glass.Churches are where people get married also.

What does a stained glass window represent?

While stained glass windows are associated with Christian churches and have often been used to represent Christian themes, it is also true that an artist is free to represent anything he or she chooses when creating a stained glass window.

Who invented stained glass?

The technology for making glass dates back at least 5,000 years, and some form of stained glass was used in European Christian churches by the third or fourth century A.D. The art of stained glass flowered in the 12th century with the rise of the Gothic cathedral. [1]

Where are stained glass windows in churches?

stain glass windows are in the back, front, and sides of the church

Who used stained glass in the medieval times?

Mainly churches used the stained glass for windows because it told stories from the bible to people who couldn't read or write Latin, which was usually the peasants, the lowest rank in the social pyramid.

What are Massive stone churches from the Middle Ages with stained glass windows called?

Massive stone churches from the Middle Ages, with stained windows, were called catherdrals.

Why were stained glass windows religious?

Stained glass windows don't necessarily have any specific religious meaning attached to them. They are mostly used just as art and while churches and other sanctuaries often have stained glass, it can also be found in many other places not tied to worship.

Why did people make stain glass windows in the middle ages?

They made stained-Glass windows to decorate churches and Cathedrals. They also used it to make small ornaments. They were used to tell stories from the Bible. They Glass is stained or painted with watery paint, then it is held together with lead.

What is a medieval stained glass window?

a medieval stained glass window is what you can see in most churches in england. they mostly tell stories out of the bible and are very large.

What are stained glass windows used for today?

they are found in the windows of churches and create pictures out of lots of little coloured pieces of glass hope this helped:) xx

What was the purpose of stained glass windows?

The stain glass windows were used to tell the bible stories in the churches. People couldn't read so the churches had to have a method to teach the bible. Stain glass was one way. They were also very pretty.....!

What is a famous church with stained glass windows?

There are many thousands of churches with stained glass windows all around the world. Some are more famous than others.

What are stained glass windows in a church for?

It is documented that stained glass windows have been used in Christian Churches since the fourth century. They reached their peak in the Middle Ages, when they were used to illustrate a biblical narrative as a means of teaching and meditation means for illiterate faithful

Where are stained glass windows found?

They are typically found in old English churches x

Where were most stained glass windows found during Medieval Times?

Most stained glass windows were found in Gothic type churches and cathedrals during Medieval times.

Why are stained glass windows used in churches?

Because back in the days not many people could read, they invented a story in Stain Glass Windows to show what really happened.

What material is used in stained glass?

In stained glass, they use things in normal glass but add colors and make it thinner.

Do christian churches have stained glass windows?

Yes, they often tell the story of jesus' life.

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