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In ecology, producers are generally plants. Plants require sunlight for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis allows the plant to produce its own food and therefore grow. Sunlight is key in many ecosystems.

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Why is the amount of sunlight important to the animals in an ecosystem?

The amount of sunlight is important to the organisms in an ecosystem because it affects the amount of producers. This affects them because they eat the producers.

Why is the sun important to producers and consumers?

because if the producers don't get sunlight they wont grow thus the consumers will have nothing to eat

What living things make food from sunlight?

Producers can make food from sunlight, producers are plants.

What do producers need to survive?


From were the most producers get energy?


Why is sunlight an important abiotic factor in all aquatic ecosystems?

it gives the producers at the bottom of any water source energy

Does the energy used by all living things start with sunlight or producers?


What are the main producers in a prairie ecosystem?


Does the energy in most food comes from sunlight?

Energy is most food does indeed come from sunlight. Producers are the most abundant food source and producers make their food from sunlight during photosynthesis.

Why do all organisms in an ecosystem depend on producers?

Besides sunlight, which all producers use, producers are the foundation for all life. Without them, we would not exist as we do not make our own food using sunlight. Producers are the basis for the pyramid that life is built on.

Are bottlenose dolphins producers?

Of course they are not producers - producers are plants that make energy out of sunlight. Dolphins are predators that hunt for fish.

What is the main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem?

Sunlight is the main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem.

Why are plants call producers?

Plants are called producers because they create their own food from sunlight.

What are some things that can be producers?

Producers are green plants of any kind as they produce their own energy through sunlight namely producers.

Producers get their energy from?

They get their energy from the Sun, in the form of sunlight.

The main source of energy for producers in an ecosystem is?


What is the source of energy for most of the world producers?


What does the name 'producers' mean?

Producers are organisms that photosynthesize (or more rarely chemosynthesize), turning sunlight and minerals into organic material.

Do producers undergo photosynthesis?

Producers make their own food from sunlight, water, and nutrients. This is called photosynthesis.

What is a list of some animal producers?

Producers make its own food using materials from the environment and sunlight.

Which animal are not producers?

Actually, only a few animals are producers. producers are living things that make their own food using sunlight. the only animals that are producers are microorganisms. all other producers are plants.

Why are Plants are called producers because they?

They turn sunlight into food.

Organisms that use sunlight directly to make food?


What are examples of producers found in a food chain?

examples of producers are plants, vegetables, and other things that feed on sunlight.

Are bears producers or consumers?

Bears do not sit in the sunlight and make food by using their green leaves, so they are not producers.