Why is surfing popular?


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It's a popular sport that many people enjoy. Their reasons for liking it could vary from it's fun to it's a great way to stay in shape. Basically, it's popular because many people like it. Most people surf for the fun of it and that people like to compete against others and think that if you surf the ladies will like you more.

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Yes, surfing is a very popular sport in Australia.

Because the water is warm, the waves are good, and surfing is becoming popular around the world.

well both actually but mostly surfing for boys!

I think Skateboarding is more popular.

it became popular in Australia because of its heat them other hot country's discovered surfing but when cold countries did they didn't bother.

Surfing is popular in lots of places. Surfers usually surf coast wise meaning round the edge of Queensland and the gold coast. They say also that surfing is very popular in Hawaii and surfers paradise. I hope this helps find what your looking for..

their stomachs have big waves in them.

Hawaii's most popular sports are surfing and canoeing.

Yes, surfing is quite popular in many of the coastal areas of New South Wales.

The Bahama's Most Popular Sports are Rugby, Soccer and Surfing

Many people enjoy monkies because of there fascinating life style. Other people enjoy surfing because it maybe hot out. But in total monkies are popular by a hair.

in the 60's and 70's skateboarding became popular as "surfing on concrete"

the most popular sport is surfing and canoeing because lots of websites say

Surfing was not popular in the western world in 1767, it is likely that people were surfing in polynesia at this time however. They used wooden boards.

around 3 million, and quickly growing as surfing becomes more popular and beaches get more crowded.

There are numerous resources one can use to watch videos of car surfing. YouTube and Break are two popular online resources that offer plenty of videos of car surfing.

I would guess fishing or surfing, but I do not know.

In my opinion Hawaii is a very popular state,specially for surfing.People like surfing on Hawaiian beaches.

No, there are not currently any surfing games for Xbox 360 or PS3. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is the most popular surfing video game, and was released for the PS2 and Xbox.

There are two sports in Hawaii that are popular and are favorites to many in the state, and they are surfing and canoeing. Surfing is the official state sport, and has been since 1998.

No one knows who invented it but it became popular in the surfing era

Bodyboards are used in surfing. They are the most popular type of board used because with a bit of experience most people can do some surfing with them.

most popular sports in France are rock climbing, bike racing, swimming, surfing, skiing, tennis, hiking.

The verb surfing is the present participle of surf.It is used with be verbs to make continuous tenses:past continuous - He was surfing. They were surfing.present continuous - I am surfing, He is surfing, They are surfing

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