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Why is technology related to science?

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Science is used to make new technology and technology is used to find new knowledge in science.

2011-09-08 23:48:10
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How are technology and science related?

how are science and technology related?

How is science in technology related?

Do you mean how ARE science AND technology related?

How is science related to technology?

science is the foundation of technology!

How are phones related to science?

because phone is using TECHNOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY is related to science

How does science related to technology?

science is the same in technology because they

How a science related technology?

Without science, there would not be technology.

How are headphones related to science?

(Short Answer) Technology is related to science, therefore, headphones are related to science.

How technology related in science?

science is the origin of technology. Without science it is impossible to create technology. so you can say first science and then technology.seoserviceworld

Is technology one of the fields of science?

Yes. the word technology , is related to science.

How are scient and technology related?

technology is applied science

How does technology relates to science?

technology is related to science because technology is the practical use of science.for example, engineers apply science to design technology.

Which science is cell phones related to?

Science of Technology.

How is science and technology related to each other?

Science and technology are related in a great many ways. Technology is used to carry out scientific processes for example.

How are cellphones and science related?


How is technology related to science?


Why science related to technology?

Science is the source of information and innovations and also the greatest support of technology.

How science and technology are related?

Without modern science and the many inventions that have come from it, technology would not be where it is today. Technology is really just a subcategory of science.

Identify the beliefs and practices that are related to science and technology?

2) Identify beliefs and practices that related to science and technology 3) explain the ifluence

Is IT a social science?

No, IT is not a social science. IT is information technology and related to computer science.

Is science and technology synonymous?

Science and technology are closely related but they are not synonymous. Science is about understanding the universe in which we live, and technology is about using that understanding to create useful inventions or other innovations. Technology is applied science.

Is science a technology?

No. Science is the study and application of knowledge. Technology refers to tools or devices and their use, which may or may not be related to a science.

How many science related to technology?

There is not a single science, social or natural, that doesn't use some type of technology.

How science technology and society related to each other?

Technology supplies the tools that society uses, science supplies the understanding of how the technology works.

How does technology related to amimals?

People do tests on animals in Technology. (Also in science)

How are science technology and society all related?

They are strictly interdependents on all possible senses. Society evolved on Science and Technology. Science and Technology evolved on Society. That's all.