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my alarm goes off at random times. i had the alarm module changed for $700 and it still goes off. come home from work at 4 and it goes off at 10. before the alarm module was changed it went off at 12, 2 and 4 in the morning.

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Q: Why is the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer car alarm going off for no reason?
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How do you disable or disengage your 99 Mercury Cougar alarm?

Why, are you going to steal one?

What is all wheel drive on 2005 Mercury Mountaineer?

On a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer : All Wheel Drive ( AWD ) has engine power going to all 4 wheels , all the time , and doesn't require any driver input

How to troubleshoot Mercury Mountaineer Trailer wiring?

have power going to all breakers but nowhere else inside trailer.

What is a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer transaxle?

I am pretty sure that it is non existent, i have a 99 mountaineer and it is AWD and i am going to assume that yours has either FWD or AWD which means it has a transmission and a transfer case not a transaxle

How do you stop the alarm from going off by itself in a 98 Ford Expedition?

a common yet missed/overlooked reason for the alarm to false is to look under the hood and you should find a mercury light attached to the under side of the hood. if this light is misadjusted or your parking on a steep hill that will cause the alarm to go off after the engine cools

Mercury Moutaineer How many miles per gallon does a 2002 Mercury Moutaineer get with a V6 engine?

A Mercury Mountaineer usually gets about 14 miles to a gallon of gas. It really all depends on if you are going on side road or the interstate.

Why does my 1997 mercury mountaneer awd only goes in reverse?

There could be a few reasons on why your 1977 Mercury Mountaineer is not going in reverse. The most common thing that could be wrong with it would be the gears are broke.

How can you stop Toyota sequoia car alarm going off for no reason?

It has something to do with your alarm 'accentuator' - contact Toyota about this since it might be a recalled item.

How do you disable a 1994 Ford Explorer Alarm It just keeps going off for no reason?

Pull the fuse.

Why does the check engine light keep going on and off in 1997 mercury mountaineer?

If the check engine light is blinking that means that an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

How do you keep the alarm from going off all the time on a 1999 mercury cougar?

My 1999 Cougar did that too. To reset the alarm system, put your key in the lock of the driver's door and lock and unlock. That worked for me.

Why does the alarm in your 2003 VW Beetle keep going off for no reason?

MINE IS TOO!!!! im trying to figure it out