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too much oil in system or compressor not working properly are some possibilities

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Why isn't the air conditioner blowing cool air?

Is it a central unit? check and see if the fan and compressor are running in the outdoor unit. The system may be low on freon or the compressor may not be running. It is best to call a qualified HVAC technician.

Air conditioner not blowing cold air on hot day?

The first thing to check is that the outside unit is running. That the compressor and the Fan is running. If they are running, then have the Freon pressure in the system checked. You may be low on coolant.

What does it mean when your ac stops blowing cold air?

It usually means that your system has developed a leak. Your AC system is charged with freon gas. If a certain amount leaks out, a safety device prevents the AC compressor from starting. Without the compressor, no cold air.

How can a hermetic compressor be tested for efficiency?

There are a few ways to test a hermetic compressor for efficiency.Compressor Vacuum TestClosed-Loop Compressor Running Bench TestClosed-Loop Compressor Running Field TestCompressor Running Test in the System

Whats wrong if 150 psig on both sides of ac system when running?

compressor not running or not not compressing

Pontiac fiero no electricity to the compressor?

There is a pressure swithch in the line that keep the compressor from running if there is not enough Freon in the system. You wouldn't have any power at the compressor if you are low.

Air not blowing cold fans work compressor works full of freon?

How do you know it is charged properly? If you did not put gauges on the system? If no air is coming thru the vents the coil may be clogged. This list could take a long time!!

Is rotary screw type compressor is mass flow compressor?

It depends on the size and application of the screw. If you are thinking of underhood screw compressor then they are very good compressors for running an air system. but beware of the abuse your engine will take running one of these

Why does your air ride compressor stay running on your 1998 Lincoln Navigator it is new?

The compressor will stay running only because there is a leak in the air system somewhere and the compressor is trying to play catch up.It will burn out if left to run continuously ...

Is it good or bad to have an engine running with the air conditioning lines unhooked if there is no freon in the cooling system?

If the compressor is not engauged, it is ok.If the compressor is not engauged, it is ok.

Why is the air not cold when the freon is full and air is blowing?

You should have your system serviced. It sounds like your compressor is bad. Mine was doing the same thing and I found out it was a burnt up compressor.

When i charged my ac system in a 1987 mercury grand marquis the compressor will not kick in at all. why is this?

Check the Freon with a gauge. If the pressure is too high or too low then the system will not allow the compressor to run.

Does your HVAC system need servicing if the low side pressure is 90 and the high side is 150 and the outside temperature is 94 and the inside temperature is 90?

Yes. Was the compressor running? Answer Depends on the refrigerant, but for residential systems they use either R22 or R410A, and those pressures are not right for either system. If the compressor was running, sounds to me like you have bad valves in the compressor and probably need a new compressor (or a new system)

Will the 2001 Impala AC recharge if compressor is not running?

It depends. If the system is low on refrigerant then the compressor will not run until there is enough refrigerant to satisfy the low pressure switch. As you add refrigerant the compressor will cycle until enough is in the system to keep the compressor running continuously. A 1lb. can of R-134a costs about $6.00. It's worth a try. Might be enough to keep you running all summer depending on the size of your leak.

Do you have to have car running when applying freon to ford focus?

Yes, in order for the compressor to take on the new coolant and oil charge the compressor ideally should be running. It is posiible to begin charging the system with freon prior to compressor initiation, however to get an accurate reading of the pressure in the system the compressor should be cycling with differential valve operating properly. If it is clogged or the compressor is not cycling then then low side reading will give an elevated pressure while charging the system. Does that make sense?

Why does ford freestyle air conditioning only work when the car is running?

because the compressor must be running to circulate the refrigerant in the system

Why does your ac compressor kick on when you switch your heater fan to windshield only?

Becuz running the air thru the AC system dries the air, otherwise it wud be blowing damp air onto your window resulting in fog or moisture on your window

What could be wrong if your home air conditioning unit is running but blowing hot air?

If this a split system, indoors and outdoors, and the outdoors unit appears to be running I suspect that you have a problem with the compressor. Maybe you have a leak and lost our refrigerant. Either of these can cause this symptom. Both require sophisticated repairs.Regards.

Ford Ranger is blowing hot air when the AC is on you check to see if the system was charged and the gauge said it was charged?

evoperator coil gets cold at bottom but not at top

How do you reset your Honda Civic Si compressor?

it sounds kind of weird, but i have a 99 si and it won't run the compressor unless there's a certain pressure in the system, and you can't get pressure in the system cause the compressor won't work. i was thinking of getting a jumper wire and running it to the compressor so it stays engaged-

Why does your 2002 Lancer purge freon at the compressor?

This is an indication that either the a/c system is over charged or the cooling fan is not working.......

You thought the compressor in the auto ac system rums all of the time that the engine is running so why does not turning on the ac save fuel?

The compressor does not run all the time while the engine is running. The compressor has a clutch which is activated on demand. The pulley may be spinning but that doesn't mean the pump is engaged.

Can leaving your AC on when your car is not running hurt the AC System?

no, when your car is not running, that means that the compressor isn't getting voltage to engage. basically all you are doing is running your blower motor.

What else could be wrong with the air conditioning system that won't blow cold air when the compressor has recently been replaced?

does the fan work? is the system charged with the refrigerant?

No air blowing into 2002 crv cab?

POSSIBILITIES: A/C compressor has failed - A/C system needs re-charge of refrigerant - the air circulation shutters in the air duct system are stuck.

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