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Usually, the governments of these countries are "dictatorships." Such dictators will tolerate "no other God before them."

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2011-02-15 08:46:37
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Q: Why is the Bible banned in some countries?
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Is the Bible banned in Afghanistan?

Most countries that are Islamic, including Afghanistan, have banned the Bible. Other countries where the Bible is banned include North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, and Iraq.

What countries have banned the bible?

Saudi Arabia for one,

Countries where people are not allowed to read the Bible?

AnswerThe Bible is banned in North Korea.

What is the most banned book?

I would say the Bible. Consider that the bible has been banned in various countries from ancient times until now. I believe it is currently banned in 52 countries. Historically it has been banned by many Communist and Muslim countries and even at times by The Roman Catholic church.

What are some banned bible questions?


What year was asbestos banned?

Asbestos has not been banned in some countries.

Why is the Bible banned in China?

The Bible is not banned in China.

Who banned the Bible?

The bible is banned in Saudi Arabia and was banned in the comunist world.

Is asbestos banned?

While it is banned in some countries, asbestos is not banned in all countries. It can be left in place where it is found in building materials. And in some countries it can be used in a variety of applications, as long as suitable precautions are taken.

Which countries forbid Christianity?

AnswerThe Bible is banned in North Korea, effectively a ban on Christianity.

Why was family guy banned in some conrty?

They banned it in some countries bcuz it was innapropiate for kids and adults.

What is the duration of Banned from the Bible?

The duration of Banned from the Bible is 3.33 hours.

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