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Biltmore House FAQ. Why is it named Biltmore? George Vanderbilt named Biltmore by combining two words: "Bildt," the region in Holland where the Vanderbilt family originated, and "more," an old English word meaning upland rolling hills.

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Is the biltmore house bigger than the white house?


How many fireplaces are in the Biltmore House?

There are 65 fireplaces in the Biltmore House.

Which is bigger the Biltmore or White House?

The Biltmore.

How many rooms are in the biltmore house?

there are 250 rooms in the biltmore house and 43 bathrooms

Is the White House bigger than Biltmore House?

No. The White House is about 55,000 Square Feet. The Biltmore House (home, masion, estate, etc.) is about 175,000 Square Feet.

When was the biltmore built?

The Biltmore House took a few years to build. The house was started in 1889 and finished in the year 1895.

Who owns the Biltmore House now?

The Biltmore House is owned by The Biltmore Company, which is controlled by William A.V. Cecil, I, and run by his son William A.V. Cecil, II.

Where is the Biltmore House located?


What was Biltmore house made of?


What is the biggest house in the United States?

biltmore house in ashville,North Carolina

How many bathrooms are in the Biltmore House?


Wre is the Biltmore house?

Asheville, NC.

Was there a murder inside the biltmore house?


How many gargoyles are in the biltmore house?


Who lives in the biltmore house?

No one lives in the Biltmore House. However, there are 16 houses throughout the estate where some of the family of George Vanderbilt live.

How tall is Biltmore Estate house?

The Biltmore Estate House has a third and four floor. The fourth floor also has an observatory with a balcony and doors to the roof.

Is the white house the biggest house in the US?

no!!! the biggest house in US is Biltmore estate is in North Carolina :D

How long did it take to build the Biltmore House?

The Biltmore Estate took 6 years to build.

How much are the Biltmore Estate property taxes?

Why are no sinks on Biltmore house bathrooms

How many bedrooms are in the Biltmore house?

it is 34 bedrooms

What is Richie rich mansion's name?

The Biltmore House

Who owns the biltmore house?

banana gong soo

How many master bedrooms are in the Biltmore house?


When did vanderbilt family move from biltmore house?


What facts can you name about the Biltmore house?

hehehehe.... =D