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In an effort to reduce overhead, Disney parks now open later and close earlier than in prior years. Instead of offering early admission to Disney hotel guests at every park, it�s only 1 park per day now.

As part of those cost reductions, a few rides like Carousel of Progress and The Timekeeper in the Magic Kingdom, have been removed from service and are only active during the busiest periods, when the parks are jammed.

Other less popular rides such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Keelboats, the Skyway (all Magic Kingdom) Th Soundstage Tour (MGM Studios) and the riverboat ride (Animal Kingdom) have been permanently closed. Other changes include fewer street entertainers, fewer performances and eliminating a number of character meals.

I�ve seen the Carousel of Progress both at WDW and Disneyland. I�m sure someone out there will disagree with me but, uhem. . . I don�t consider it a huge loss. Carousel of Progress was cutting edge technology when it was introduced in the late 1960s at Disneyland, but it hasn�t changed since then, and is somewhat dated.


Actually (and no disrepect to the original poster), it is a bit of an overstatement to say Disney parks open later and closer earlier than in previous year. The Early Entry program has changed, but the net effect actually is longer hours for those who stay at a WDW resort.

The Carousel of Progress does not operate at a full schedule. The only way to guarantee that you will see it is to go to WDW during a high-volume period. While I hear many people say that CoP is usually closed, it's been open every time that I've been to WDW in the past year -- which was mid-July, early-November, early-December and late April.


The previous poster fails to mention it is the last attraction that is left that was created by Walt Disney himself .. that is what makes it unique .. it should be never be closed.


Actually, since October 12, 2003, what is now called Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress has been open every day.

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Q: Why is the Carousel of Progress at Disney World always closed?
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