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Why is the Chinese 'lung' a symbol of the Chinese culture?

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This question was a bit confusing because I don't know that lungs (the organ) are a symbol of Chinese culture. But now I'm thinking you might mean the Chinese word "long" (which is pronounced much the way "lung" is pronounced in English).

"Long" is the Mandarin word for "dragon". The dragon is the traditional symbol of the emperor, while the Phoenix is the symbol of the empress. That's why the dragon is significant to the Chinese (at least, that's about all I can fill you in on).

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it says that Dragon means Chinese Myth. A supernatural creature (Chinese "lung") of ancient and uncertain origin, in popular belief connected with rain and flood. The dragon is a symbol of the Emperor, of good fortune, and of the yang as opposed to the yin, and is usually beneficent being。

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How do you say 'culture' in Chinese?

Its some symbol

Why do Chinese have a dragon symbol?

The dragon symbol in Chinese culture symbolizes dignity and the power for good. The dragon is also the most potent symbol of good fortune.

What is the symbol for honesty?

The rooster is recognized as a symbol for honesty in Chinese culture. A Celtic symbol for honesty is the fir tree.

Why do Chinese use red so much?

In Chinese culture the colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune.

Oranges and tangerines are believed in the Chinese culture to be symbols of?

tangerines symbol of good luck. oranges are a symbol of fortune/wealth.

What does the koi fish symbolize in Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, koi fish are a symbol of success and wealth.Koi fish are actually more of a symbol in Japanese culture, however. They can mean several different things:independent mindedstrong willed and stubbornsurpassing of expectationsvictorious deeds

Which symbol represents reunion?

I have read somewhere that in Chinese culture the full moon represents reunion.

What does the tattoo of a black rooster mean?

It can be a symbol of bravery (men) in Latin American culture It can also be a symbol of the Chinese Zodiac year of the rooster

What is the symbol for confidence?

This is the Chinese symbol for confidence

What are the Chinese plus and minus symbols?

Plus symbol (chinese): + Minus symbol (chinese): -

How did Chinese culture affect Japanese culture?

Chinese introduced rice to Japanese culture.

What is the Chinese symbol for cousin? I !

What animal is the Chinese symbol of symbol of wealth and prosperity?

the Chinese dragon

What the Chinese symbol for mom?

The Chinese symbol for mom is "媽媽" in traditional Chinese and "妈妈" in simplified Chinese.

Why is the dragon so important in Chinese culture?

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Five-clawed dragon was a symbol of the Chinese emperors.

What is the Chinese symbol for strong?

The Chinese symbol for 'strong' is 强. In pinyin it is 'qiang'.

What is the meaning of the Chinese tiger?

The tiger is considered a powerful and majestic creature in Chinese culture; it bears a "王" symbol on it's forehead which means "king" in Chinese. The tiger is considered the king of the forest, and is a mighty beast.

Is the Chinese Dragon only used in the Chinese New Year?

No, the dragon has become a symbol or a kind of belief. Chinese New Year has nothing to do with the dragon. However, the dragon has become part of Chinese culture, it can be use any time any where.

What phobia is the fear of Chinese culture?

Sinophobia is the name of the phobia relating to the fear of the Chinese or Chinese culture

What is the Symbol of kiss in Jewish culture?

Jewish culture doesn't have a symbol for a kiss.

What Chinese symbol represents thanks?

The symbol here is for thank you:

What is the meaning of the dragon in Chinese culture?

The dragon in Chinese culture, unlike in western cultures, is viewed as a good omen, and are naturally affiliated with air and water. It can mean good luck, prosperity or power, depending on the circumstance. It is also used as the symbol of the Chinese emperor before the fall of the Qing dynasty.

What is the symbol for sushi?

The Chinese simplified symbol is: 寿司The Chinese traditional symbol is: 壽司The Japanese symbol is: 寿司

When was Chinese Culture University created?

Chinese Culture University was created in 1962.

Why is Chinese culture so similar to Japanese and Korean culture?

Korea was a country settled by Chinese and part of China from beginning, so most of Korean culture were not different than mainland Chinese culture. Chinese culture also spread to Japan through Korea.