Why is the Democratic Party better than republicans?

they are not. the republican have ruled the office for a very long time, the democratic party is just getting attention because they have the first women and the first black man running for PREZ

Actually that answer is not accurate. The Republicans had the first black candidate, Alan Keyes, and also more women and minorities in office than the Democrats ever have - including women in prominent positions. Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves was a Republican. The Republican party is for smaller government, less taxes, and less spending and has always had far superior Presidents.

Most teachers are Democrats because they are not as educated as they would have you believe, and they are union members. They believe in getting something for nothing - and that everyone should be treated the same no matter how much they contribute (socialism and communism also teach this). Because the education system has been heavily infiltrated by socialists, communists, liberals and democrats, they are teaching young people that the democratic party is better. History PROVES otherwise, and democrats will be the undoing of the constitution and all American freedoms if they are allowed to continue to go unchecked.