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Why is the Earth surounded by earth?

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2008-07-25 11:52:09

It wasn't always as such, like now that Earth surrounds Earth,

back then Earth had options, orbits to follow, planetary collisions

to avoid, not like now that options are minimal since Earth

surrounds Earth. No where to go the Earth spins on it's axis, like

spinning it's wheels, like running around like a chicken with out a

head. Why is it Earth has Earth surrounded? Perseverance and

patience is how, as the Earth simply waited for an opportunity to

find the Earth holed up in some pocket of space unaware that the

Earth has sneaked up on them and now the Earth is surrounded.

Perhaps the Earth should surrender, some sort of conditional

surrender where some kind of face can be saved. One thing is for

certain, the Earth is surrounded by Earth and any attempt at escape

will only end in cataclysmic catastrophe.

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