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It was an incredibly disturbing act of racism that should never happen again. It already has but no one should have such strong feelings of hatred for a WHOLE race or religion. In my opinion, racism is pathetic and I honestly don't understand how people can have such feelings. So, yes, the Holocaust is important and it affected more than just Jews. Hitler was a cruel dictator who should have been killed before he could have ruthlessly killed millions of people

Because approximately 6,000,000 Jewish men, women, and children were killed during the Holocaust-- about 2/3 of the Jews living in Europe at the start of World War II.

How is it not important. Millions of people died by the hands of the Nazis, so many people died that some weren't even counted. Gypsies, Jewish and Polish people`,also homosexuals died. This event is important because it shows us what humanity is capable of. Also, it tells us not just to stand around, but to take action when something bad is happening. Another reason it is important because it teaches us not to repeat the bad parts of history. That is why the Holocaust is important.

Because approximately 6,000,000 Jewish men, women, and children were killed during the Holocaust-- about 2/3 of the Jews living in Europe at the start of World War II.


Actually, around about 6,000,000 Jews died during the Holocaust, so yes much more than 6,000,000 people died but originally it was said that 6,000,000 JEWS died... not everybody in total (eg. disabled, mentally ill, gypsies, etc.) More Russians died than Jews.

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Q: Why is the Holocaust important?
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Why is the Holocaust important to US history?

well the holocaust is important to the worlds history.

Why was the word boycott important to the Holocaust?

Because that is what the Germans did to the Jews during the holocaust.

Was the holocaust important to Cordell hull?


Why is the holocaust not important?

The Gas Bill

What is A good title for Holocaust Project?

'Why is Holocaust research still important in the twentyfirst century?'

Who is important that was in the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was very important during the holocaust. He killed many Jews. He poisoned them with a gas named Zyklon B.

How did the Jews feel after the Holocaust?

Did Jews get back at the Germans after the Holocaust? ___ No, they had better and more important things to do.

Why is Anne Frank's diary important?

Because it tell an important story and it educates the world of lives of real people during the Holocaust.It is important because it was written by a Jew in hiding during the Holocaust; it shows how traumatic and difficult it was for Jews during the Holocaust. And if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, it's a good read!!

Why forgetting the Holocaust is such an important concern for Wiesel?

Elie Wiesel does not want to forget the Holocaust, but to confront it (or its memory),

Who was important in the holocaust?

Adolf Hitler and Jewish people

How many people in holocaust were important?

Basically everyone.

What are some important words in the book Night?


What were the important consequences for everyone in the holocaust?

Death generally.

How was Anne Frank's diary an important historical document during the Holocaust?

It was not, not at all. The diary was only found after the Holocaust.

Why do Jews still remember the Holocaust and feel that it is an important part of their history?

Jews still remember the Holocaust and feel that it is important because so many people died for no reason! ___ For many, the Holocaust has become a key element of Jewish identity.

What is important about Yad Vashem?

it is a centre for research, allowing us to know and understand more about the Holocaust and the people within the Holocaust.

What were some important Jewish People in the Holocaust?

Anne Frank

What important event is associated with world war 2?


What important lesson we as a society have learned from the Holocaust?

we havent learned anything at all from the holocaust only on how to improve on it, the holocaust is going on all over the world and will happen here too(england)

Why is it important to remember the inhumanity of the holocaust?

It is important to remember it to make sure that it will not ever happen again.

What is the most important fact about the Holocaust?

This is a very subjective question and there will be many opinions, for me; the most important fact about the Holocaust is that different places/people will use the Holocaust to promote their own ends. To find out the truth it is best to go to the centre; Yad Vashem is the main and best source for the Holocaust.

Why is Anne Frank so important to the Holocaust?

What makes Anne Frank important is her diary. As far as I know, only one another diary kept by a teenage Holocaust victim has been preserved.

Why is the Holocaust important to us?

It is important because of the many lives lost. It is also an example of why prejudice is wrong.

Who is the most important people in the holocaust?

One would have to say that the most important people were the victims; the Jews.

Important dates during the Holocaust?

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