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Short answer is: the Korean War came on the heels of WWII, the US was quickly moving toward a new prosperity and there remained lots of post-war enthusiasm up through the 1950s. After the end of US action in Korea in 1953 people in this country generaly and quite literally began to forget about the war, or put it in the backs of their minds.

AnswerThe Korean War is America's forgotten war. If people under the age of 30 have any knowledge of this "police action" at all, it probably comes from watching reruns of MASH. Nestled snugly between the last good war, World War II, and that twelve year nightmare known as Vietnam, the Korean War is mostly forgotten because, well, nothing at all was accomplished. We didn't win it, we didn't lose it, and the situation on the Korean peninsula is pretty much the same now, over fifty years later, as it was when we first sent troops there.


Well because both sides agreed to have a break and signed a treaty like thing. The war is still not over it's just on a "break". But it's been on a break for like 50 years that's why it's called the forgotten war.

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Q: Why is the Korean War known as the forgotten war?
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What war was called the forgeotten war?

The Korean War was known as the Forgotten War.

What was the forgotten war?

the forgotten war was the Korean War. The Korean War is called that because it was overshadowed by WWII and the Vietnam War.

What is the nickname for the Korean War?

The "Forgotten War"

What is the Korean War also called?

the Korean war is also called the forgotten war.

What was another name for the Korean War?

the forgotten war

What was a famous nickname of the Korean War?

forgotten war

What was the reason for the Korean War?

the war was also called the forgotten war

Why is the Korean War referred to as the Forgotten War?

the forgotten war the Korean war is referred to the forgotten war because it was sandwiched between WWII and the Vietnam War, both wars being high scale and LONG. The Korean War only lasted 3 years, and was overshadowed by the Vietnam War which came right after it. It is called the Forgotten War is America because of this, but trust me, the Koreans don't call it such. The war is FAR from "forgotten" in North and South Korea.

Which war was called the 'forgotten war'?

Korean War (1950 - 1953).

Why is the Korean War referred to as the the forgotten war?

It's overshadowed by WWII.

What 20th century conflict was dubbed the forgotten war?

the Korean war from1950-53

What was the long term significance of the Koren War?

The Korean War is often considered the forgotten war. However, it will never be forgotten by those who fought in it. The long term significance of the war lies in the fact that it split the Korean peninsula into two separate countries.

What has the Korean Conflict often been called?

The Forgotten War

Which war Is often called the forgotten war even though it involved over 26000 Canadian troops?

Korean War!

Another name for the Korean War?

another name for the Korean war is called "the forgotten war" and "the Unknown War" another name for the bad relations between the U.S. and the soviet unionwas called the cold war

Why was the French and Indian War known as the forgotten war?

Any war that is not known to people (no books, no movies, etc.) is known as a "forgotten war." The Revolutionary War of 1776 overshadowed the French and Indian War. WW2 overshadowed WW1; Korea was overshadowed by the Vietnam War.

Why is the Korean War often referred to as the forgotten war?

The Korean War was not a "win" for the West like World War 2. It was also not a "lose" like the Vietnam War. It was a shorter war caught between them, ending where it began, with no firm resolution. It was a "draw" which has largely been forgotten in the public consciousness as compared to other wars.

What 20th century conflict was dubbed the forgotten war despite 54246 US deaths?

korean war

What war was known as Truman's Folly?

Korean war

How did American public react to the Korean War?

The US was still recovering from WW2 when Korea erupted. This is part of the reason Korea is known as the "forgotten war", it has been overshadowed by WW2. There was less than 5 years of (peace) time between the Korean War and WW2.

What 20th-century conflict was dubbed the forgotten war despite 54246 US deaths?

The Korean War.

Why is the Korean War called the 'forgotten war'?

Because Truman called it a police action and it never official ended.

What war was forgotten war?

the war of 1812 was ''the forgotten war''

Why is the Korean veterans memorial important?

The forgotten war; over-shadowed by WWII.

When did Canada join the Korean War?

Canada joined The Korean war or The Forgotten War as both known on Thursday, August 7th 1950 when Vancouver called "being concerend about what was happening on both sides of kora! " hope this helped make sure to do more research just incase!