National Football League (NFL)

Why is the NFL popular?

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It is popular because the NFL is only held in the US

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Where can NFL picks be found online?

nfl picks can be found on team websites the nfl website or online sports blogs it can also be found in popular sports magazines and in the sports section in popular news sources

When did the NFL really become popular?

around 1955 i know becausse i watch nfl network and ESPN

What NFL team is most popular in Alaska?

The Seattle Seahawks are the most popular team in Alaska.

Who makes more money globally the NBA or the NFL?

I believe that the NFL makes more $$ because they are more popular.

What is the most popular pro sport?

in America Football(NFL)

What is the most popular sport out of Football and F1?

The NFL is the most popular sport followed closely by NASCAR.

What are the most popular sport in the US?

The most popular sport in the US is football. Both NFL and College Football.

How is the best NFL team?

By popular demand, it's the Chicago bears

Which nfl team is the least popular?

Cincinnati Bengals if you go by attendance

Who is the most popular team in the nfl?

Patriots; Dallas; Packers; or Broncos

What kind of jerseys do you like?

The most popular cheap NFL jerseys.

Is soccer popular in Canada?

No, its as popular as it is in the States. Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada, followed by Football, NFL and CFL. So NO, not really.

Where can you find information on NFL Fixtures Live?

There are a few different websites you can find information in regards to NFL Fixtures Live. The best websites out of the them all is NFL. It is a very popular website used by a lot of NFL fans.

What night is ESPN NFL football on?

Espn NFL is on two nights. First night is Monday Night Football which has always been very popular. Thursday night football is another day and is becoming popular.

What is the most popular sport in Ohio?

According to CBS Sports, the most popular sport in Ohio is the NFL. The most popular team is listed as the Cleveland Browns.

Most popular NFL team?

The Dallas Cowboys are then New England Then Pittsburgh

What is the most popular team in the NFL?

It depends on who you are. I kinda think the Giants at the moment.

Which NFL team is popular by teens?


What is the most popular NFL team in Britain?

Gotta be the Green Bay Packers!

How popular is the CFL in Canada?

Like any other league, its variable.In Saskatchewan, its immensely popular, possibly even more popular than the NFL is in most cities.In Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montréal it's fairly popular but no where near NFL levels.In Hamilton and Vancouver, it does have somepopularity.In Toronto, its all but irrelevant.

What is the most popular spectartor sport in the US?

The NFL and College Football are really popular sports watched in the USA. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the US.

What are the 4 most popular sport teams in the US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

Is the NFL the most popular sport?

No son. that's America and that. in the rest of the world i would say soccer is more popular. innit.

Is the NFL more popular then the MLB?

Because of MLB's long season, it tends to attract more popularity* Actually it's just the opposite. NFL is more popular. Due in large part to the long drawn out baseball season.

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