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Why is the Popularity of a Question that has gotten an Answer never zero?


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July 12, 2009 2:46AM

The reason there's never a zero on an answered question is because the question is "popular" with at least one Contributor -- the one who asked it. That individual would like an answer, and even if the question was asked "for fun" or the like, giving it a Popularity of one is done out of respect. We also show respect to the Contributor who took the trouble to Answer it. Plus, it's an automatic function of the data base to assign a one when it gets an answer. One of the prime suggestions to Contributors here is to treat each question as an honest one. Sure, there are vandals who post nonsense, but we defer to the Contributor who arrives seeking information. We assume s/he really wants to know the answer to the question. It makes life easier to Answer the Question than to second guess the motives of the Contributor who asked it. Someone asked, and we reply. Simple, easy, and honest in the best traditions of WikiAnswers.