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The religious fundamentalists who are attempting to take over the world, gain their strength in the nations like Iraq. It's absolutely essential that democracy be allowed to take over in those nations, to defeat the fundamentalists who would kill us all. If we allow them to continue to grow and gain power, they will destroy us. There are some who claim that it's already too late. At least we are trying to stop them "over there" rather than allowing them to continue to bring their war here as they did on 9/11. Simplistic attitudes do not help in a complex situation such as is going on in the Middle East. Sadam wanted to take over the Middle east and invasion of Kuwait was a first step. He was pushed back and given specific instructions on what he had to do if he wanted to continue to exist. He ignored those U.N. mandates. The U.N. warned him several times and the U.S. Congress all agreed that he had to be taken out WHEN CLINTON WAS PRESIDENT!!! It was not a Democrat or Republican issue at that point, it was a NATIONAL issue and an international issue. When it came to a U.N. vote to attack Iraq, Russia, France and Germany did not want to. Their reason: they were buying oil from Sadam in violation of the U.N. sanctions and didn't want their good deal to go away. When some claim that the Middle East war is about oil, in a sense they are right, they're just not looking at it the right way. Right now, it appears that everyon EXCEPT the president is so worried about their political future that they want to run away from political conflict. Establishing a democracy in the Middle East is the right thing, but most politicians don't want to do the RIGHT THING any more, they just want to get re-elected.

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Which was a major issue in the 2008 presidential election?

the continuing war in Iraq

Who was the leader of Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War?

President Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

Who was the president of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War and the war with Iraq?

Sadam Hussein

Did President Bush have the Congress' approval to declare war on Iraq?

War was not declared ON Iraq, but rather WITH Iraq on the war against terrorism.

Who started the Iran-Iraq War?

Saddam Hussein, the ex-president of Iraq, started the Iran-Iraq War.

Who are the US presidents during the conflict in Iraq?

President George H.W. Bush was the President during the Gulf War. President George W. Bush was the President during the Iraq War.

What has President Obama done for the war?

He ended the war in Iraq.

What war was fought during Barack Obama's presidency?

When Mr. Obama came into office, there were two wars going on, both begun under President Bush. One was in Iraq and the other was in Afghanistan. President Obama kept his promise to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home, but the war is Afghanistan is continuing, and US withdrawal is not scheduled to occur till 2014.

When did the Iraq War end?

The Iraq War officially ended on December 15, 2011, when President Obama withdrew the last combat troops from Iraq.

What was President Bush's down fall?

Iraq war

What president presided over the first Iraq war?

George H. W. Bush was president during the first conflict in Iraq.

Did President Bush have the support of congress for the Iraq war?


Who was the vice president during the war in Iraq?

Moses Sosa

Who was the Iraq president involved in the Gulf war?

Saddam Hussein

Who was the president when the Iraq war started?

George Duyba Bush!

What about President Barack Obama removed all combat troops from Iraq?

The president always opposed the war in Iraq when he was a senator, and he campaigned for president promising to remove the remaining combat troops from Iraq. He has kept his promise in that regard.

Who was known as the first Gulf war president?

George H. W. Bush was president during the first war with Iraq.

What wars are going on under President Obama?

We are continuing armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq begun during the former Bush Administration.

If Barack Obama was president what are Barack Obama's idea to stop the Iraq war?

he pulled out all the troops from iraq so there wouldn't be a war anymore

Who was the president during the Iraq war?

George W. Bush. (the son)

What event will signify the end of the war in Iraq?

President bush will be out of office

Who was the president of the US while the Iraq war?

George W. Bush

What are three of the challenges your new president will face?

Pulling us out of the recession, living up to the expectations of a president, and ending the war in Iraq and or pulling our troops from Iraq.

Who was the President of the US during the Pesian war?

Reagan was president during the Iran-Iraq War in the Persian Gulf (1980-1988).

Who was the us president when the Iraq war happened?

George H. W. Bush , US President during the first Iraqi War .

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