Why is the President continuing the war in Iraq?

The religious fundamentalists who are attempting to take over the world, gain their strength in the nations like Iraq. It's absolutely essential that democracy be allowed to take over in those nations, to defeat the fundamentalists who would kill us all. If we allow them to continue to grow and gain power, they will destroy us. There are some who claim that it's already too late. At least we are trying to stop them "over there" rather than allowing them to continue to bring their war here as they did on 9/11. Simplistic attitudes do not help in a complex situation such as is going on in the Middle East. Sadam wanted to take over the Middle east and invasion of Kuwait was a first step. He was pushed back and given specific instructions on what he had to do if he wanted to continue to exist. He ignored those U.N. mandates. The U.N. warned him several times and the U.S. Congress all agreed that he had to be taken out WHEN CLINTON WAS PRESIDENT!!! It was not a Democrat or Republican issue at that point, it was a NATIONAL issue and an international issue. When it came to a U.N. vote to attack Iraq, Russia, France and Germany did not want to. Their reason: they were buying oil from Sadam in violation of the U.N. sanctions and didn't want their good deal to go away. When some claim that the Middle East war is about oil, in a sense they are right, they're just not looking at it the right way. Right now, it appears that everyon EXCEPT the president is so worried about their political future that they want to run away from political conflict. Establishing a democracy in the Middle East is the right thing, but most politicians don't want to do the RIGHT THING any more, they just want to get re-elected.