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Why is the Saturn security light on and the car will not start?

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this means the anti-theft has been triggered. if you had a remote start put in it is from that. if not than it must be towed to a garage, and be prepared, it's not usually cheap.

2008-10-03 22:42:11
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Q: Why is the Saturn security light on and the car will not start?
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94 Camaro security light on car wont start?

94 camaro security light on car will not start

What is a Lock light on dashboard 2004 Saturn ION?

light lock on saturn ion car won't start

What does the car with a lock indicator light mean on the 03 Saturn ion?

security system

Why is the security light blinking and the car won't start?

Not enough information regarding why the car won't start but as to he security light; it's always blinking when the engine is off.

What can you do with a 1995 buick lesabre with the secruity light on and car will not start?

When the security light is on you can not start the car. It is a security feature that is designed to prevent a car thief to fail at stealing the car. Ensure the ignition key is clean, then make sure the black chip in the key is centered in key, ensure metal contacts on black chip are clean. Try starting car after security light goes out. A failed attempt will cause the security light to stay on for a few minutes, do not attempt to start car until security light goes out.

What if your car will not start the security light stays on .what do you do?

is your security light flashing? turn the key on, leave on for 10 mins, turn key off let it sit for 2 mins, start car

How do you turn off the security light on an Oldsmobile alero?

I've had this problem where I couldn't start my car and it turns out it was because the security light was on. To fix it: Place the key in the ignition and turn it one rotation (so battery is on) then leave it in the ignition for 10 minutes. Restart car and security light will be off.... also car will start!

Security light keep flashing car want start?

security light keep flashing put new starter on still will not crank

Why 2002 Saturn won't start?

i have a 2002 saturn and i took the stearin wheel out to change the horn and when i put it back together no light will come on and the car wont start

How do you bypass the ignition security switch in a 2002 Oldsmobile alero?

Yes to bypass,Press on the brake, turn car to as then on let the carburetor fill then, put the car in neutral,then start. If the security light is flashing, the car will not start for 10 minutes. Do not try to start while light is flashing.

Security light flashing car wont start?

Security lights flashing on a car that won't start indicate that the system has partially disabled the vehicle. The security system must be reset to allow the vehicle to be driven.

Why is the Security light Jeep Cherokee xj sport always on?

This happens when the keypad isn't used to lock/unlock example when refueling if you don't lock the car then return to try and start the engine the security light illuminates the car runs for a second or two then stalls but if you lock/unlock the car will start the security light will not illuminate hope this helps

Saturn s-series 2001 changed the battery now the car will crank over but wont start whats up with the security system?

If you changed the battery on a Saturn S-Series 201 and the car will crank over, but won't start, the security system needs reset. Do this by inserting the key and turning it halfway. Leave it this way for 10 minutes before trying to start the car.

Can'NT start car security light on Nissan maxima?

1992 nissan maxima security light flashes when open door and car is not starting cranks well, cleaned battery terminals.

What does it mean when your car won't start and the security light is on and you have power?

The immobilizer is still engaged.

Why Saturn SL1 95 won't start at times?

My car wouldn't start today for awhile and the engine lights and battery light came on.What is wrong with my car?

96 Oldsmoble Achieva should the starter have 4 wires plugged in or 2 wires?

96 Oldsmobile achieva and wont start and the security light is on a gm dealer took the security system out and the security light is still on and car wont start now should the starter have 2 wires plugged into it or 4 plugged into it for the car to start plz help me i need my car

1992 Buick Park Ave with the pass key security system It will not start Security light keeps coming on Is it the passkey device in the ignition?

AnswerYes...wait at least 3 mins before trying to start the car again when this happens.....because the car WONT start for at least 3mins when the passkey system is light keeps flahing when turn keyon ... won let car start

Alarm fob not unlocking your car?

the flashing security light in the dash is not flashing and vehicle will not start

How do you reset the security light in your 2003 Oldsmobile Alero?

When your security light comes on and your car will not start, turn you key to the on position and wait 10 minutes. The light will go off and you need to turn the key to the off position, then restart your car.

Does the 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key start the car?

The 2000 Saturn LS1 valet key will start the car. It is made to open the driver's side door and start the car.

How Bypass security Nissan Maxima?

car wont start, security light is off, engine crank, did start once and when death inmediately, now I can not get car started. Check and test key and chip is ok.

What can I do as my 2000 Saturn SL2 security system will not let me start my car?

You will need to read your owners manual. It will give you directions as to starting. If my memory is correct, you will have to turn the key to run and wait 15 minutes with the drivers door open and the security light will go out. then turn the ignition off and start your engines, gentlemen.

Why wont my 1996 Monte Carlo start when the security light is on?

The security system shuts the whole car down so that it cant be stolen.

Why wont your 95 Monte Carlo 3.4l start you have volts and security light on?

The security system prevents unauthorized operation of the car, your system has been tripped, and the car disabled. You will need to reset the security system to start it. If you have the original key you should be able to do it.