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Q: Why is the Suez canal important in the middle east?
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Why was Egypt's Suez Canal important?

The canal was key to reaching the oil fields of the Middle East.

Why was Suez Canal important to Europeans?

it gave them access to the middle east by water

Is the Suez Canal in the Middle East?


What canal separates Africa and Middle East?

Suez Canal

What is the name of the canal in the middle east?

I believe you are referring to the Suez Canal

What is a canal in the middle east?

The Suez Canal is a canal that connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea.

What was the name of the canal in the middle east during World War 2?

The Suez. Major action there.It is important to note that the Suez Canal was dug from 1859-1869, long before World War II.The Answer is The Suez Canal

Is the Suez Canal important?

The Suez Canal is very important. It reduces shipping times between Asia and Europe and the east coast of the Americas.

A very famous canal in the middle east?

The Suez canal links the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

Which canal devide Asia and Africa?

The Suez Canal separates Africa from the Middle East - and Asia.

Peninsula to the east of the Suez canal?

The peninsula to the east of the Suez canal is called SINAI.

How did conflict over the Suez Canal start a war in the Middle East?


What canal is south east from rome?

Suez Canal

What part of the Middle East is the Suez Canal located in?

The Suez Canal is located in Egypt. East of Cairo and before the Sinai Peninsula. See related link for a map. In addition, the canal was the work of forced labor. It was completed in 1869.

What body of water caused conflict in the Middle East?

The Suez Canal has always caused conflict.

What and the latitude for Suez canal?

The coordinates of Suez Canal are Latitude: 30.751448North, Longitude: 32.328644 East.

A primary purpose for building the Suez canal was to?

Increase trade between the middle east, Europe, and Asia.

Fighting broke out in the middle east when egyptian president gamal abdel nasser nationalized?

...the Suez Canal.

Why was Egypt of strategic importance in World War 2?

Egypt is home to the Suez Canal, and this was very important because it led to the oil fields in the Middle East

Why are the Red Sea and Suez Canal of strategic value in the Middle East?

Petroleum on its way from the Middle East to Europe and North America passes through both the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. As a result, the area is very important for the industrialized nations of Europe and North America that need consistent access to petroleum to keep their economies functioning.

Great Britain saw the Suez Canal primarily as?

Great Britain, who controlled the Suez Canal from 1888 through 1956, used the canal as a major transportation port to the MIddle East, as well as a major pipeline to oil.

What is the purpose of the Suez Canal?

The purpose of building the Suez Canal was to allow ships to travel between the Mediterranean and Red Seas, which would increase trade between the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

What part of Egypt lies east of Suez canal and the gulf of Suez?


What canal opened in 1869 that connects Europe to east Africa and the far east?

Suez Canal

How do the countries in Europe benefit from the Suez canal?

The Suez canal reduced the journey time to India and the far east.