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Only the countries with the lowest number of visas granted annualy by the US are eligible. The UK is not among them. I should have said "issued," not "granted."

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Q: Why is the UK exempt from applying for a green card on the Green Card lottery?
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What is the US Green Card Lottery?

The US Green Card Lottery is a lottery that randomly decides which applicants receive green cards. A green card is needed to legally stay in the country.

How do you win the green card lottery?

I won green card lottery by internet

How do you get a green card from a spouse having green card?

well ,if your wife got a green card throw the dv lottery- , then you will have a green card aotumaticaly.

What is the website for the green card lottery?

What are questions asked at a DV Lottery green card interview?

Definition of DV lottery

What is the USA green card lottery?

The USA green card lottery is officially called the Diversity Immigrant Visa and it is a mandated lottery system for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is a program aimed to increase diversity.

Why is the US Diversity Immigrant Visa program known as the Green Card Lottery?

The US Diversity Immigrant Visa program is also know as the Green Card Lottery because only a number of those that apply will receive a Green Card. Each year 55,000 people receive Green Cards.

How you can under stand you won green card?

The US government has a form of 'green card lottery' where a small number of people from a large number of applicants, are able to get a green card. Beware though, because there is a common email scam where people are told they have won a green card - without them ever applying, of course - trying to trick them into sending money for processing fees and such. A real green card lottery winner would be informed by postal mail in most cases - but anyone who hasn't applied should automatically be suspicious.

How much is it to get an green card?

A green card is not for sale. There are companies that offer to apply on your behalf and charge a fee. A lottery also is available

How do you apply for Australia Green Card Lottery Visa?

i need to live and work there...

Can a Pakistani citizen apply for US Green card lottery program?


My boyfriend is from Australia but is applying for a green card im here illegal overstayed my visa Can i get a green card when he gets his Is it best to marry before or after he gets his green card?

You should leave and then have him apply for you.

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What is the chance to win the green card lottery?

The odds are one in... however many are printed!

If you gota phone call about a green card winner from the US does that mean you win the card?

the ins does not call to anybody and is not a "green card" lottery,it is a visa lottery and of course you need yo enter with and special form, fill it up, mail it,etc.,etc. does mean if you got a call saying you won a green car it is fake or a fraud

What is dv2 visa USA?

It is green card lottery officially called diversity visa program

Can you apply citizenship if your green card expired?

No, if your green card has less than six months before it expires, you must renew it prior to applying for naturalization.

Can you travel outside the us after applying to renew your green card?

Yes provided the trip is unavoidable. Its important for you to have a copy of your old green card and also the notice of application or any kind of proof for having applied for green card renewal.

You are a US citizen and marry out of country and your spouse is not a US citizen?

You can apply for Diversity Visa Lottery Program for your spouse. Also, you can get spouse visa for her/him initially (if s/he is not in US presently). Once s/he is here you can go for the Green Card process. The United States Green Card Lottery, also known as Diversity Visa Lottery program is an official program to issue legal United States Green Cards through a lottery system. This program was introduced in the year 1990 by United States Government to promote diversity in the United States by giving chance or to be more specific, providing an alternative way to citizens of other countries to obtain United States permanent resident visas or green cards. Every year, United States Diversity Lottery Program makes green cards available to approximately 50,000 eligible people.

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How do you get a US Green Card?

Through asylum, cancellation of removal, family based, visa lottery, and employment based.

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