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Why is the US considered to be the police officers of the world?

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2011-10-28 23:16:05

Becuase, after world war 2 there was only two countries that

could focus on there military, the US and Soviet Union, and both

had most imput on the UN when it was started. Then the US and

Soviet Union had different views on how to run there country and

then fought with each other when communism started spreading, the

cold war. The Soviet Union fell and the US was now the supper power

of the world, with China rising behind it. Then the US became

dependent on other countries for its resources the people need and

now we just go out and protect "our friends and allies", but were

really just trying to protect what the government needs to keep our

economy running.

In short, the US just go out and claim its fighting to protect

us but were just using it to get more resources.

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