Why is the US in Iraq?

Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11! The NeoCons just wanted an excuse to takeover Iraq and get their money grubbing fingers on Iraq's oil. At first they made up the lie that Iraq had WMDs, but after the invasion no WMDs were found in Iraq. They then came up with the excuse that they wanted to spread democratic values and since the American people's memory is so short they fell for the lie!

THIS IS A LIE WRITTEN BY A NEOCON!!! One day some Muslims decided to bomb our city using our planes as their missiles. Because in the search for the culprits, our leadership found that Saddam Husein was backing these terrorists with his own money and support. Because Saddam was continuing his support and wanted to help in future attacks of a greater magnitude we went after him. Because if we did not go there the terrorists would have come here - again and again and again, until they had killed us all. And because some Muslims twisted the Quran and teach many people this teaching of Quran. But there is some Muslims know they are wrong.