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what air under water?????

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Why do underground water remain warmer in winter morning?

I think it is because of the good insulation of earth surface to the under ground water

What term is defined as all the water on under and around the earth?


What problems can warmer temperatures on earth cause?

Coral Reefs dying from the warmer water temperature's this is an example :)

What will be the effect on the living organisms if the earth becomes warmer?

we cant get enough water

What term is defined as all water on under and around the earth?

Hydrosphere... Good luck aplus users(:

Which planet is two thirds under water?

The planet that is two thirds under water is the Earth. The Earth is a water planet and two thirds of the surface is covered by water.

What is it called when water moves all around the earth?

Water moving all around the earth is called the Water Cycle.

What percent of water on earth is fresh water?

Around 3% of water on earth is fresh water

Why is the Earths ocean water warmer at the poles?

The ocean water at the poles is not warmer at the poles. It is warmer at the equator!

Is tepid or hot water warmer?

Hot water is warmer than tepid water.

What layer of the earth does geothermal energy come from?

it is hot water from under the earth it is about 4,ooo mile under the earth

Is truck water warmer?

Warmer than what?

What percent of earth is water?

Around 71% of our earth is made up of water

How do you seek water under earth in mountain areas?

Get two pieces of bent wire and walk around until they cross.

What is under the earth in space?

Basically, just more space. There is no real up or down to the Earth, it just seems like it from our perspective. We are constantly moving around the sun.

The warmer the water the oxygen it holds?

The warmer the water the less oxygen it holds.

What percentage of earth is covered with water?

Around 70 percent of Earth is covered by water. The major oceans on Earth hold around 97 percent of all the water on the planet.

Where does evaporated water fall under the water cycle?

This water fall on the Earth.

What would happen if the air in the upper atmosphere were warmer than the water vapor that was continued in the air?

If the air in the in the upper atmosphere were warmer than the water vapor that was continued in the air would make the earth colder in the air.

How is the ocean floor like the surface of the earth?

It is the surface of the earth, except it is under water instead of under air.

What percentage of earth water is fresh?

Of all the water on Earth, around 2.75% of it is fresh drinking water.

How many gallons of salt water are on earth?

around 98% of all water on Earth.

Is ice water with salt warmer or colder than plain ice water?

it is warmer

How much air is in hot water Is there more air in cold water under the same pressure of course?

Colder water can hold more oxygen than warmer water.

What does water table mean in the water cycle?

The water plate is where the water sits under the earth

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