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Why is the air conditioner cold in the morning and cool when its parked in the sun all day?

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get a kit called "a/c recharging for DUMMIES" at the parts store and add freon...also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

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Should air conditioner suction line be cool to the touch?

Yes It should be cold and sweatting

Why is the air coming out of the air conditioner not cold?

This usually happens because the AC is set to heat and not cool. If it is set to cool then get it checked out by a qualified AC technician.

Why isn't my auto air conditioning very cold?

It probably needs some coolant. This is the chemical that is put in the car in order to keep the air conditioner cool. If your air conditioner is not getting cold either the coolant has run out or leaked out.

How does water come out of an air conditioner?

Just as a cold can of coke will bead moisture, so does the cool surfaces of the AC unit.

If your air conditioner is set to cool why is it heating?

If your air conditioner is set to cool and it is heating you have a broken thermostat.

Why is your air conditioner blowing cool air and not cold air?

Low refrigerant charge? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

Why is my air conditioner not blowing hot?

it's an air conditioner because you made it into cool

Why would your car air conditioner blow cold air then hot air?

A.C. circulates air(just like a fan) and turns it cool.

What are the advantages of an air conditioner?

cool air

How did people keep cool?

with an air conditioner

Will one air conditioner cool a 5 bedroom house?

One air conditioner alone will be inadequate to cool a large 5 bedroom home.

Will running an air conditioner on fan only cost as much as running on cool?

No. Running an air conditioner on fan does not cost as much as running on cool.

When im hot how do you stay cool?

Easy.1.Take a shower (makes you cold).2.Open the air conditioner(makes you colder).3.Now your cold.4 Hope me tips help

Why does a 1999 Camry air conditioner not cool?

You need to to add more conditioner fluid in the system.

Is cold water good for your hair?

Yes, cold water is excellent for the hair and scalp. Rinsing out conditioner from the hair in cool water will lock in the shine, help fight frizz, and close the pores of the scalp. Artificial haircolor will not fade as much if shampooed with cool water also.

Why does your vent blow hot air when it is set on cold?

It depends on what the weather is outside and how developed the air conditioner is. if it's hot out it may take a while to get cool or if it is scorching hot outside it may not get cold at all.

Central air conditioner blowing cold air but can't cool the house?

It must be too hot outside! If it cools at night then you know the problem is the daytime heat.

Why are air conditioners placed high on walls and not on the ground?

Because the cool air from the air conditioner is denser than the warm air in the room and sinks. Placed high up the cool air will have time to get further from the air conditioner before it settles to the floor, allowing it to cool more of the room. Placed on the floor the cool air will mostly pool around the air conditioner and very little of the room will be cooled. Some air conditioner are actually placed relatively low in a room, but they have fans and baffles that blow the cold air upwards to the ceiling resulting in the same effect as placing the air conditioner high (maybe even better as the fan blows the cool air not only up to the ceiling but across it, possibly covering a larger volume of the room than cool air falling passively from an air conditioner placed high but without fans).

Will a 5 ton air conditioner cool a commercial kitchen?

YES of course a 5 ton air conditioner can cool a commercial kitchen provided it is of a renowned and a good company!

How much space can a room air conditioner cool?

How much space a room air conditioner can cool is dependent on the size of the unit. You can read the amount on the side of the box if you are not sure.

What is the antonyms of blaze?

cool cold anything to cool down or anything cold

What does an air conditioner do for us?

keeps us cool in the summer

What was the air conditioner purpose in 1902?

To cool People off.

How can an air conditioner also cool a room?

ur an idiot

Can you keep windows open to help the room air conditioner cool off the interior?

No. While the air conditioner is on, keep the windows closed to keep the cool air from escaping to the outside.